ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW. Anterograde Tomorrow is an AU RPF fanfiction in the EXO fandom. The plot revolves around D.O, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with Kai, a dying . Yeah it’s an amazing story; sad to see it go but I understand her reasons. If you are really curious about it. rs/.

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I liked the writer next door character. I knew it was sad when I started reading it, but I never imagined that I would suffer so much with the characters and how much anguish would it cause me. Apr 04, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: To this very day, only one book made me feel the way this fanfiction did back then in August I think this is a masterpiece, even though the writing is not per I had never cried so much, for so long, for such a story.

Aug 22, Nova rated it it was amazing.

I think this is a masterpiece, even though the writing is not perfect, even though is just a fanfiction i think it’s amazing. This work of fanfiction is truly a gem! Full of love, but also full of a sadness that will be difficult to get rid of. Sep 10, Anj rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I heard people say, “Books can change our lives”, I had no idea what they mean.


Whether or not the author disapproved the adaptation of her fanfiction to a movie isn’t explicitly stated but it’s said in a blurry manner that after a discussion with the author the project of the film has been disproved and will be ceased. Dec 31, Francisca rated it it was amazing.

Sep 23, Ravenzy Xol rated it it was amazing. In order for Kyungsoo to remember him, he writes down everything he learns about Jongin in a notebook. I was kind of shocked to see AT in Goodreads. Oh my God I can’t believe this is on Goodreads! Sep 23, Maria Vermilia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wanna read it now and would definitely love to see it as a film.

Anterograde Tomorrow

Due to some things pointed out by the author the project will be shut down. Jongin, the boy who has recently moved next door, claims to be an author wanting to write Kyungsoo’s life into a book. I have no idea why this fic made a lot of people cry because I sure as hell did not shed a single tear maybe I’m just cold blooded but I really enjoyed the fic.

However, I would re-read it, even though I woke up with swollen eyes and cried for more than three hours. Lists with This Book.

A heartbreaking tearjerker filled with serious tragedy dressed up like mere angst. Changdictator is the queen of all fanfiction and I will thank her everyday for giving us this beautiful thing! I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I had never cried so much, for so long, for such gomorrow story. I honestly don’t know what this fanfiction is doing on this website.


Okay, so the fanfiction is about Kyungsoo, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with a writer, Jongin. The writer somehow manages to create something so powerful that still to this day, many years later, has my heart aching from a sort of pain that felt so incredibly real and raw.

Anterograde Tomorrow by Changdictator

But it was perfect, nonetheless. I know that some of you will probably pretend you never saw this and re-upload my work anyway, but I’m asking earnestly that you choose to respect my decision and refrain from doing so. Everyone should read this fic! Anterogrdae like how it has antfrograde open ending too. I can’t believe this piece of diamond is in Goodreads, and it makes me feel super nostalgic and super wanting to re-read this brilliant story yet again bad news:

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