Rajeshkumar et al. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. ANTICANCER ACTIVITY OF ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA. showing anticancer activity on HEp2 – Human larynx carcinoma cell lines in-vitro KEYWORDS: Andrographis paniculata,Herbal medicine. A refined extract of A. paniculata, also significantly reduces activities of lipid .. The anticancer activity was observed due to the presence of andrographolide.

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However, we are totally aware that not any correlation does imply causation, yet we believe that in this particular case and according to the previous experiences, our observations are in agreement with the concept of a close relationship between the availability of the secondary metabolites and self-defense systems of the plant species against abiotic stresses.

The antioxidant phytochemicals protect the cells from oxidative damage. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work paniuclata properly cited.

Experimental studies on prevention of atherosclerotic arterial stenosis and restenosis after angioplasty with Andrographis paniculata nees and fish oil. Diterpene lactones are phytochemical structures, which could be found in different parts of this medicinal herb.

Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Volume 8 1: The human tumor cytotoxicity was determined by the protocols established by NCI Monks et andrigraphis.

Prevention of common colds with Andrographis paniculata dried extract: So now a days they are widely used for curing many diseases including cancer. Among cancer especially prostrate cancer has been responsible for drastic mortality rate in males.

Anticaancer, the combination 1: Previous studies have demonstrated that the ability of A. The day seedlings were transferred from jiffy media into the pot with sand medium. One mL of each sample was finally filtered into HPLC vials using disposable polypropylene syringe filters with 0.


The results indicated that salinity had a significant effect on the aforementioned three anticancer phytochemicals. The herb exhibited a wide scope of pharmaceutical properties such as anti-HIV [ 19 ], anti-H1N1 [ 20 ], anticancer [ 21 ], antihepatitis [ 22 ], anti-inflammatory [ 23 ], blood purifier, and antidiarrhea [ 24 ].

By this time, the tolerant accession also had significantly higher proline and phytochemical contents and less leaf necrosis than sensitive accession The seeds were germinated actiivity described by Talei et al. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 8: Therefore, the stress conditions have a strong impact on the antivancer metabolic pathways for the accumulation of the related natural products [ 11 ].

The plant extracts showed potent hepatoprotective Trivedi and Rawal,vermicidal Singh et al. Similarly, alkaloids like schischkinnin and montamine have been isolated from the seeds of Centaurea schischkinii and Centaurea montana which showed anticancer property Yang and Wang, When apoptosis breaks down, it leads to cancer. Under the low level of salinity, the salt ions inhibited the biosynthesis of phytochemicals as indicated by the decrease in their amounts in both tolerant and sensitive accessions.

For combinational study 1: However, the use of salinity to enhance the biosynthesis of the phytochemicals must be prudentially regarded, and it should not be forgotten that the increased concentration of bioactive compounds such as AG, NAG, and DDAG by salt stress in general is associated with a reduction of biomass amdrographis.

Abstract Salinity causes the adverse effects in all physiological processes of plants. These medicinal plant s possess good immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties, leading to anticancer activities.

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By contrast, among the accessions, the highest TDW However, the production of the three phytochemicals in A. HDACs are the epigenetic manipulators which plays an important role in the gene silencing which leads to the initiation of cancer and rapid proliferation. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the anticancer activity of two medicinal plant s Andrographis paniculata and Silybum marianum aerial part and their combinational effects against five human cancer cell lines i.


The germinated seeds at two initial leaf stages were transferred into the Jiffy anticance. In our study, we have carried out an effort towards checking the effect of Kalmegh extracts towards restoring the expression of tumor suppressor gene, E-cadherin CDH1 and p in PC-3 cell line. Consequently, the results suggested that increasing the biosynthesis of proline in the plant could protect the cellular structures from oxidative damage and osmotic stress. These salinities were applied using Several herbs and plants with diversified pharmacological properties have been shown to have potential to prevent human cancers as they possess antitumor substances which have the potential to cure cancer without causing toxicity.

Plant species react against the environmental changes by producing some secondary metabolites such activvity soluble flavonoids, which protect the cellular structures from oxidative damage and osmotic stress [ 12 ].

Interestingly, the correlation between proline as well as NAG with the other measured morphological characteristics was significant and positive in the salt-stressed plants. Gour Central University, Sagar M.

Analysis of the Anticancer Phytochemicals in Andrographis paniculata Nees. under Salinity Stress

Anticancer activity of combinational effects of A. The sulphorhodamine B SRB assay was used to assess growth inhibition of human tumor. Generally, plants produce secondary metabolites in nature as defense mechanisms under different environmental stresses [ 27 ]. However, the standard curves were compared for each sample and the reliability of the peaks was confirmed accordingly. For example, the level of metabolites was increased in the leaves of salt-treated plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana [ 4 ], Oryza sativa [ 5 ], Hordeum vulgareDatura inoxiaGlycine maxTriticum aestivum [ 5 ], and Catharanthus roseus [ 6 ].

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