Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. MELLING, Antoine Ignace (). Voyage pittoresque de Constantinople et des rives du Bosphore. Paris, Strassburg and London: Treuttel et Würtz. Antoine Ignace Melling was a painter, architect and voyager who is counted among the “Levantine Artists”.

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Antoine Ignace Melling – Wikipedia

View of the BosporusAntoine Ignace Melling. As a young man he visited his older brother, and studied Architecture and Mathematics at Klagenfurt. Both of Melling’s books remained in print long after his death intheir color illustrations having no equal for tourist purposes for more than a hundred years.

He was dead and buried before the first photo was ever taken he died in A series of facsimiles were sent out to subscribers, between and View of the BosporusAntoine Ignace Melling Though we seldom give it much thought today, it’s hard to overstate the impact photography has had upon art.

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Antoine Ignace Melling

The congress took place under the patronage and in presence of the President of Turkey. He returned to Paris inpublished his marvellour work and was appointed lanscape painter to emperess Josephine, Napoleon’s wife.

Sometime after the government sent Melling on a drawing expedition to the Pyrenees Mountains on the southern border of France to create illustrations for a book by Joseph Antoine Cervini titled Picturesque Travels in the French Pyrenees and the Adjacent Areas. Julian Wilson jwilson christies.

Click on photos to enlarge. Later on, coloured versions of the engravings were also published.

Melling’s long-term stay in the Ottoman capital allowed him to experience the life of the Cort, and to draw views of Igjace and its surroundings, as well as scenes from Ottoman society, in an impressive style. His access to the palaces of Constantinople allowed him to make dozens of highly detailed drawings, as well as landscape watercolors of the city which he took back to Paris with him in I’m guessing well over half the artists working today utilize photos to one degree or another in some aspect of the work.


The joys and inconveniences of that journey, which took him as far as the Hanseatic towns, are reported in a lively style, as are various aspects of Dutch life, the monuments and inhabitants of large cities, like Rotterdam and Amsterdamand the “overwhelming appeal” of ignnace such as Broek in Waterland and the peaceful Sunday atmosphere of Zwolle. He went to Paris inand published a prospectus for the Voyage pittoresque de Constantinople et des rives du Bosphore.

He was also a talented architect.

Market before the Tophane Fountain, Antoine Ignace Melling Antoine Ignace Melling Had there been photography in the early s when the Frenchman, Antoine Melling, lived and worked as an artist, the man would have been out of a job. His journey to the Netherlands under French rule at the time is documented by Melling not only by a large number of surviving drawings but also by the letters sent to his family in Paris.

Later around Melling visited the Netherlands ruled by France at the time where he painted not just the large cities, but also fell in love with the Dutch mellinf of Broek in Waterland and the peaceful little town of Zwolle. After the death of his sculptor father, he lived with his painter uncle, Joseph Mellingin Strassbourg Alsace. He studied architecture and mathematics and travelled to Italy and Egypt.

Examples of etchings with engraving by Schroeder, Duplessi-Bertaux, and Pigeot ignafe Melling, with later professional hand-colouring, include:. When the wealthy, or some high governmental official, traveled abroad, it was not uncommon for them to include in their entourage a sketch artist, watercolorist, or even a full-blown meling painter to record what they saw.


The excellent quality of this edition, in select paper, realized by the best typographers of the time was achieved thanks to Melling’s diligence, an impeccable engraving and the originality of the drawings. He also designed clothes and jewellery for her. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Melling Pasha’s eighteen years as Imperial Architect gave him a privileged opportunity to observe the Ottoman Court.

Antoine Ignace Melling | artnet

The book includes 48 views of Constantinople in the late 18th century and also three maps. And that number mleling probably grown significantly with the advent of digital photography.

Delighted with the result, she asked Melling to redecorate the palace interior, and subsequently, a completely new neoclassical palace at Defterdarburnu.

Later, Melling’s “government job” allowed him to travel all around France painting and drawing cities and towns of all sizes, as well as to England as a sort of antoind exchange” artist.

ignaec In Melling travelled to Holland; during his journey he produced a multitude of drawings and wrote many letters to his family. I know my own darkroom is now used solely for storage. Tag Search Type a search term. Inside the Harem of the Sultanc. Melling created one for her. As a young man, Melling studied architecture melling Austria as well as spending time learning to paint and draw in Italy and Egypt.

The binding and decoration of all the leather-bound copies were done by hand.

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