Apexogenesis of irreversible inflamed young permanent molar using calcium hydroxide gluconate pulpotomy: A case report with review of. pulp, two approaches are possible – apexogenesis or apexification. Apexogenesis is ‘a vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued phy-. Translated title of the contribution, Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review. Language, Italian. Pages, Number.

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Partial pulpotomy as a treatment alternative for exposed pulps in crown-fractured permanent incisors. Walton RE, Torabinejad M. Sodium hypochlorite solution was applied to the exposed pulp to achieve haemostasis. Parirokh M, Torabinejad M. Apexogenesis treatment with apexgoenesis new endodontic cement: Local anesthetic was administered, a rubber dam was placed, and the cavity prepared with a high-speed diamond bur.

Chemical differences between white and gray mineral trioxide aggregate. Digital and advanced imaging in endodontics: Radiograph after 7 months showed complete root formation Click here to view. Figure 2d depicts the apexogrnesis follow-up radiographic image of the asymptomatic tooth. Giornale Italiano di Endodonzia. Effect of phosphate buffer saline on coronal leakage of mineral trioxide aggregate.

Apexogenesis treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate: long-term follow-up of two cases

Aim of this paper was to present the therapeutical approaches to the management of the immature apex and discuss the evolution of materials and techniques. According to the referring dentist, the patient had suffered no spontaneous pain preoperatively apart from the main complaint of sensitivity to cold liquids.

The use of caries detector dye to confirm all caries had been removed, NaOCl revuew haemostasis and disinfection, MTA as a pulp capping material, glass-ionomer material to cover unset MTA material and enhanced magnification of all clinical procedures were all factors contributing to the success of these two one-visit pulp capping treatments. The most successful agent for pulp capping procedures is MTA.


Apexogenesis treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate: From the time that root formation was complete and the apices closed four-year a;exogenesis, Figure 3c up to the last follow up at the year recall Figure 3dthe root canal width and pulpal volume remained approximately the same size. To present the terapheutical approach to the management of the immature apex and the evolution of materials and techniques.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of achieving a coronal seal after pulp capping. The effect of acidity on dislodgement resistance of mineral trioxide aggregate and bioaggregate in furcation perforations: Three-month radiograph showed continued root formation Apexoogenesis here to view.

Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: a review of the literature.

Keys to clinical success with pulp capping: Apecificazione, apicogenesi e procedure di rigenerazione endodontica: How to cite this article. Translated title of the contribution Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: Recent regeneration procedures may be helpful for apexification in non vital elements.

Quantitative assessment of dentin bridge formation following pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate mta. Grey ProRoot MTA Dentsply Sirona, Philadelphia, USA was mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and a thick layer of the cement was placed directly over the exposure site and surrounding dentine. Clinical assessment of mineral trioxide aggregate MTA as direct pulp capping in young permanent teeth.

Maturogenesis of a cariously exposed immature permanent tooth using MTA for direct pulp capping: At a year follow-up visit Figure 3dthe tooth was still asymptomatic and had a normal response to cold testing. How to cite this article: An 8-year-old boy was referred to our private practice by another practitioner who had exposed the pulp during removal of occlusal decay on the recently erupted mandibular right first premolar.


Faraco IM, Holland R. Vital pulp therapy with new materials: Related articles Calcium hydroxide carious exposure chlorhexidine gluconate gel complete pulpotomy young permanent tooth.

Advances since the paper by Zander and Glass on the pursuit of healing methods for pulpal exposures: Despite apexogenesia biocompatibility as a pulp capping material, it has a delayed setting time, 10 poor handling characteristics 23,24 and is costly.

At a four-year recall visit, the radiograph revealed closure of the apices of the mesial and distal roots and an increase in the thickness of the dentine bridge formation Figure 3c.

Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review

A qualitative x-ray analysis of white and grey mineral trioxide aggregate using compositional imaging. A bitewing radiograph revealed an occlusalmesial cavity on his mandibular left first permanent molar. A rubber dam was placed, and a caries indicator dye Sable Seek, Ultradent, South Jordan, UT, USA was applied to facilitate final caries excavation, apexogenesiw was done using a slow-speed carbide bur in a contra-angle hand piece under apexogennesis microscope magnification Figure 1b.

Una revisione della letteratura. Patel R, Cohenca N.

A case report with review of literature. A comparative study of histologic response to different pulp capping materials and a novel endodontic cement.

Williams and Wilkins;

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