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It is said that Cycnus used to cut off the heads of passing strangers, intending with these gory trophies to build a temple to his father Ares.

Ulrichs, Reisen und Forschungen in Mitlogicaii. Li dividis la Biblioteko en dekses temojn [31].

Biblioteca Mitologica : Apolodoro :

The inhabitants say that a great city once stood here, and the heaps of stones, many of them presenting the aspect of artificial mounds, may perhaps support, if they did not suggest, the tradition. In many polygamous tribes of Africa it is customary for the eldest son to inherit all his father’s wives, except his own mother.

But while the cape is low and flat, the greater part of the peninsula is occupied by steep, rugged, and barren mountains, overgrown generally with lentisk and other shrubs, and presenting in their bareness and aridity a strong contrast to the beautiful woods and rich vegetation which clothe much of northern Euboeaespecially in the valleys and glens.

Notu interalie la kronologia ordo. Mitografos Griegos Autores Varios.


La fonto de la enhavo de la Biblioteko estas pensata de Apolodoro, sed tiam kiu estas la kompilisto kaj kiam li faris la Biblioteko? Antiguedades Judias – 2 Tomos Flavius Josephus.

Biblioteca Mitologica

We use bibloiteca to give you the best possible experience. Aliaj fakuloj kiel la germano W. Li enparolas pri dioj, herooj Brita MuzeoLondono. It does not seem to have been practised by men. Apollodori Atheniensis Bibliotheces sive De Deorum origine tam graece, quam latine luculentis pariter ac doctis annotationibus illustrati libri tres.

That it was thought to be kindled by exposure to the heat of the sun appears from the narrative of Hyginus, Fab. Commentary references to this page 2: See Lucian, Hermotimus 7. La epigramo sugestas Homero. Tiuj epitomoj estas resumoj el perdita parto la fino de la tria libro kaj eble unu kvar libro kaj kiu estis aldonitaj malfrue. But according to others it was in Euboeaor Arcadiaor Messenia. At their foot the whole valley of the Spercheus lies open to view.

Cartas – Platon Platon. Current location in this text. Looking for beautiful books? But if the mountains themselves are gaunt and bare, the prospect from their summits is glorious, stretching over the sea which washes the sides of the peninsula, and across it to the long line of blue mountains which bound, as in a vast amphitheatre, the horizon on the north, the west, and the south.

Driven from there by the advance of the Dorians, they dispersed and settled, some in Thessalysome in Euboeasome in Peloponneseand some even in Cyprus. He slew also Laogoras, 4 king of the Dryopes, with his children, as he was banqueting in a precinct of Apollo; for the king was a wanton fellow and an ally of the Lapiths. Apollodorus apparently placed it in Euboea.


Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Description Una de las primeras recopilaciones conocida de los mitos fundamentales de la cultura antigua show more. Review Text Una de las primeras recopilaciones conocida de los mitos fundamentales de la cultura antigua show more.

There was an ancient epic called The Capture of Oechaliawhich was commonly attributed to Creophilus of Samosthough some thought it was by Homer.

This text is part of: The situation of Oechaliathe city of Eurytus, was much debated. The story miotlgica to be a doublet of the one told about Herakles at Lindus in Rhodes.

Tiu kunigis grekan tekston kaj lian latinan tradukon [8] kaj liajn notojn. More search options Limit Search to:

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