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Adjutants General may approve convalescent leave from days on recommendation of hospital Professional Development Are you confronted with an ethical dilemma? Local supplementation of this regulation is not authorized unless approved by Chief, National Guard Bureau.

AGR soldiers will be counseled by their unit commanders or supervisors on the potential for career advancement, to include civilian and military education, probability of PCS moves, and professional development requirements. Reasons for involuntary separation under this paragraph include- 1 1 Inappropriate professional and personal conduct.

The Active Guard/ Reserve (AGR)

I understand that failure to comply with orders may subject me to appropriate administrative action and proceedings under Code of Military Justice. Command or leadership assignments will be approved for a period of 2 years. Impact on New Manning System. Reassignment beyond a reasonable commuting distance, requiring PCS according to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, is not authorized during my stabilized 1 tour of duty, except as provided in paragraph g l or 2 of this cerW tificate.

Residency at such institutions may require periods of time away from family and duty station. These soldiers will not then be reassigned to other positions for which they are not qualified.

Announcement or individual disclosures of the board proceedings will not be made prior to TAG approval. Section I I Procedures Submission of applications In addition to the provisions of AR paragraph the following requirements apply: The user does not have to read i t to 37-1104-3 this regulation. Special passes should be granted to deserving Soldiers in recognition of exceptional performance of duty or other circumstances ra warrant time away from duties.


Requests from Adjutants General to retain AGR soldiers beyond 20 years of Active Federal Service AFS for officers and warrant officers or enlisted soldiers’ mandatory release date in Table 5 – 1will comply with the following requirements.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site. As a minimum, semi-annual updates covering requirements, benefits, and entitlements of the AGR program will be published and distributed to each AGR soldier, with a briefing every 2 years.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy and Procedures Active Component

Successful completion of PDP requirements is required for tour continuation and for promotion consideration. The 371-04-3 and Leadership Program is not intended to provide full-time commanders or leaders for units. Military Personnel Security Program. Additional initial eligibility requirements Applicants must meet the following additional requirements: Adjutants General may conditionally assign soldiers to other positions provided such soldiers have potento become qualified within 12 b Separation for cause and procedures.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy

Line of Duty Determinations. A family relationship to an AGR soldier, including father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-inlaw, mother-in-law, son-in-law, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepfather, stepsister-in-law, mother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepsister, half brother, or half sister. They must be on leave for the duration of the state mission.

Applicants who do not meet eligibility requirements and whose L n a m e s are not submitted to the selection board will be notified with a letter of explanation NLT 30 days after final selection.

Simply fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Are you looking for an unbiased outside opinion? Proofreading Marks – Westminster College. Compensatory time off for duties performed in excess of established working hours is not authorized. V I Involuntary separation Separation from commissioned, warrant officer or enlisted status as a Reserve of the Army for cause i.


The OML is used to select the next best qualified soldier when the best qualified as determined by the soldier, selection board, becomes disqualified for initial entry on FTNGD. Enlisted soldiers must meet reenlistment or extension standards in NGRchapter 7. The MOI will include the composition, administrative support, and Adjutants General guidance on the conduct of the Board. Submit your question and AskTOP! You Might Also Like…. The official travel date is determined of transportation by the mode authorized and actually used to comply with the reporting date shown on the order.

Stabilized tour A stabilized tour is a tour for which a mandatory period of duty in certain geograghical area has been established.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

This authority will not be delegated. An authorized AGR officer position will be availabl: Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Photograph for Military Personnel Files. Preponderance of evidence Evidence which, after qr of the evidence presented, points to a certain conclusion as being more credible and probable than any other conclusion.

I will be managed under the regulations 37-104- policies that apply to the Army National Guard. If used, the OML is limited to five soldiers. Ensure that transition leave, formerly called terminal is used to the maximum exleave, tent allowed by AR 3-7104-3 will destroy interim changes on their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded.

Those who are not on leave will pay any State pay and allowances to the servicing FAO. The provisions of AR paragraphs 5 – l b C 1 1 and 5 – l c will be complied with.

You’ve come xr the right place. These individuals will be immediately reduced to the grade from which promoted when they cease to participate in the OCS Program.

See paragraph 1 – l b.

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