Washington. Supplementation. page 3 *This regulation supersedes AR – customs. and Visits of Courtesy Guard of the United States. but does not identify. For more information on Customs, Courtesies and Traditions see Army Regulation , Army Command Policy, paragraph ; AR , Salutes, Honors. Study 33 AR Customs and Courtesies flashcards from Cherie K. on StudyBlue.

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Either the senior or the subordinate is wearing civilian clothes. Tradition is a customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior help by an identifiable group of people. PFC Robertson said, “Good morning, sir,” and kept walking past the two.

The sound of the bugle made it possible to convey commands over a great distance and could usually be heard above the roar of battle. In the case of NCOs and soldiers, we address them by their rank because they’ve earned that rank. Company-size units carry guidons small flags in the colors of their branches. A soldier in civilian clothing recites the pledge while standing at attention, facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.

When in civilian clothing, the only change is to place your right courtesoes over your heart instead of saluting. Bring your hand up to the correct position courtfsies one, smart motion without any preparatory movement. It’s a privilege, not a chore,” said 1LT Thompson.

Customs and Courtesies, AR Flashcards by Al Townsend | Brainscape

The Phrygian cap atop the sword’s point is the type of cap given to ancient Roman slaves when they were granted freedom. When turning over control of formations. At reveille and retreat ceremonies, during the raising or lowering of the flag. These are earned rewards for your willingness to accept greater responsibilities. Regiments and separate battalions are the only units that carry colors.


Customs and Courtesies, AR 600-25 Flashcards Preview

Taylor called it the “American soldier’s Flag. When speaking to or being addressed a noncommissioned officer of superior rank, stand at parade rest until ordered otherwise. An interesting thing about traditions is that many of our Army traditions started out as something quite different from what they are now. In the military service, cougtesies matter of who says sir cojrtesies ma’am to whom is clearly defined; in civilian life it is largely a matter of discretion.

Most forms of military courtesy have some counterpart in civilian life. Below the scroll the numerals “” appears in blue to commemorate the year in which the Army was created with the appointment 600-25 General Courtesues Washington as Commander in Chief. The placing of the United States flag on the left from the flag’s point of view rather than on the right reflected the tendency of the leaders of the Revolutionary War period to discard traditional European concepts.

Male soldiers should remove headgear with their right hand and hold it over the left shoulder so that the right hand is over the heart.

Remember first that with higher rank comes greater responsibility. Saluting is obviously inappropriate. Special designations authorized unit nicknames such as Cottonbalers, the 7th Infantry Regiment. It has a white field with the War Office seal in blue in its center. cuxtoms

The old rank of Ensign-originally an Cuustoms title, now used only in the Navy-was assigned to the regiment’s junior officer who carried the flag ensign into battle. Below the cannon are three cannon balls and to the right is a mortar on a trunnion with two powder flasks below.

FM Chapter 4, Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions

Never appear in uniform while under the influence of alcohol. The customs of the Army are its common law. But the Army still retains bugles and the music with which they communicate to soldiers is another reminder of our heritage. This was discontinued in when units were authorized to place silver bands, engraved with the names of battles, around the staffs of their organizational colors.


When you courtesiee the first note of “Retreat” come to the position of attention and face the flag or the direction the music is coming from if the flag is not visible. The colors derive from the campaign ribbon authorized for service in that particular war.

With every note of Reveille or Retreat we call to mind our common bond with soldiers of the Continental Army and the sacrifices cstoms have made ever since.

Never criticize the Army or a leader in public. When wearing headgear, the forefinger touches the headgear slightly above and to the right of your right eye. As you continue in your Army career, you will find there are privileges that come with rank and responsibility. Knights in armor raised visors with the right hand when meeting a comrade.

Simple courtesy is an important indicator of a person’s bearing, discipline, and manners. The coiled rattlesnake and scroll was a symbol that appeared frequently on colonial flags, particularly those representing groups opposed to some aspect of British rule.

It draws strength from the past and offers some of that strength to you through symbols.

Bugles were first used for signaling in America by the British army during the Revolutionary War. However, during the French Revolution, the cap was adopted and worn as a “Cap of Liberty,” and is now a traditional symbol of liberty. Military history has demonstrated that units with high esprit, a sense of tradition customd pride in past achievements, perform well in combat.

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