Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McKenna, Terence K. The archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual re- . Cited by the L.A. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terrence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant racon. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of was undergoing what he called an “archaic revival”.

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Mar 04, Johnny Cordova rated it it was amazing Shelves: You know, I am very much at variance with the wisdom of hindsight in looking back at how Leary and Alpert and Ralph Metzner handled it in srchaic sixties. Reading McKenna makes me want to get into a sensory deprivation tank.

It is as though you trapped the mind in the act of making reality.

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

And in fact there’s no end to it. He proposed that DMT sent one to a “parallel dimension” [8] and that psychedelics literally enabled an individual to encounter “higher dimensional entities “, [58] or what could be ancestorsor spirits of the Earth, [59] saying that if you can trust your own perceptions it appears that you are entering an “ecology of souls “.

They are called on in crisis, and the crisis can be someone dying or ill, a psychological difficulty, a marital quarrel, a theft, or weather that must be predicted. As such, the popular interest in this subject would do well to wake up, find its voice, and sensibly, intelligently acknowledge the problem of psychedelic Pied Piperism.

The Archaic Revival

But we can’t see or interact with them as is. After reading this book I actually have a decent amount of respect for the guy whereas before I kind of giggled at him. It shouldn’t be just like landing on the moon; it should be related to what is driving ordinary consciousness. There is the same confrontation with an alien intelligence mceknna extremely bizarre translinguistic information complexes.

Actually my first experience with psilocybin was when I en- countered it in South America, in the Amazon. A compilation of essays and interviews spanningThe Archaic Revival is a thoroughly satisfying overview of McKenna’s signature ideas, ranging from the evolutionary importance of shamanism, time wave theory, “novelty,” linguistics, deep ecology, the end of history, ufos as holographic projections from the future, and the symbiotic relationship between hallucinogenic plants and man.


Shamanismethnobotanyethnomycologymetaphysicspsychedelic drugsalchemy. His favorite phrase is, “What can you show me? Announcements and contributions that have come in via the Psychedelic Press house Kabbalists also rec- ognize the pagan level as one level of higher consciousness that, while achievable and while real, is not the highest or most transcendent or closest to God. The Arcfmic Revival offers tonics for language and new health for our best old memes. His notion was that Western society has become “sick” and is undergoing a “healing process”, in the same way that the human body begins to produce antibodies when it feels itself to be sick, humanity as a collective whole in mckrnna Jungian sense was creating “strategies for overcoming the condition of dis-ease” and trying to cure itself, mdkenna what he termed as “a reversion to archaic values.

Dickwho he described as an “incredible genius,” [69] fabulist Jorge Luis Borgeswith whom McKenna shared the belief that “scattered through the ordinary world there are books and artifacts and perhaps people ervival are like doorways into impossible realms, of impossible and contradictory truth” [8] and Vladimir Nabokov ; McKenna once said that he would have become a Nabokov lecturer if he had never encountered psychedelics.

Wired called him a “charismatic talking head” who was “brainy, eloquent, and hilarious” [27] and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead also said that he was “the only person who has made a serious effort to objectify the psychedelic experience. And the psychedelic dissolves that chemical or psy- chological dependency and replaces it with the facts of the matter: Paperback1stpages. The more one is able to articulate what it is, the less others are able to understand.

I read the book a number of times in a row, taking my time with every other sentence trying to grasp its meaning.

In other words, not only DMT and ayahuasca and the more exotic Amazonian substances, but also psilocybin, which is probably the most widely experienced of these drugs. We need to admit that there is something toxic about the histori- cal process — that we cannot really fine-tune it and save ourselves.


I say, “Well, so at’s what you think.

So in the end, it was difficult to wade through all his theories to get to the beauty. Psilocybin is a source of gnosis, and the voice of gnosis has been silenced in the Western mind for at least a revivap years.

Sexuality is the glory of the living experi- ence, and so forth and so on.

Terence McKenna – Wikipedia

The Stropharia cubensis mushroom’s ver- sion of reengineering is a mycelial network strategy when in contact with planetary surfaces and a spore-dispersion strategy as a means of ra- diating throughout the galaxy.

The other hallu- cinogens — psilocybin, DMT, etc. In that state, all of human history is seen to lead toward this culminating moment. According to Wired magazine, McKenna was worried that his tumor may have been caused by his psychedelic drug use, or his 35 years of daily cannabis smoking, however his doctors assured him there was no causal relation.

He also frequently referred to this as “the transcendental object at the end of time. Furthermore, a call to reunite humanity with itself, our planet, and the Other through direct and lucid experience.

The first step in those al- terations will consist mainly of cutting away the veils in order that we might see ourselves for that transgalactic Other that we really are and al- ways have been.

I think these substances have had, are having, and will have a great impact on arcuaic history. It seems to me, that many people miss the point about McKenna, believing he literally speaks of alien communication and the apocalypse.

One hears and beholds a language of alien meaning that is conveying terenc information that cannot be Englished. I came down and said and I said it many times”I cannot believe this; this is impossible, this is completely impossible. John of the Cross afchaic. Here he described it in his own words on page

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