The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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Measures to implement and increase the use of online CME can be aimed at different levels. Bowen und Suzanne M. There is an increasing trend for developing e-learning modules for general medical training and continuing education CME. E-learning might not be the right way of learning for everybody, it is impersonal and the professional exchange with colleagues gets lost.

Psychological Predictors of Media Involvement: Therefore, our main conclusion is that physicians should have the opportunity to gain experience with online systems and receive responses to their problems and uncertainties.

Unfamiliarity with computers is still perceived as one important barrier to using Internet-based programs [ 16 ]. Establishing a Multi-ethnic Imagined Community?: This raises the threshold for free development of individual creativity in the production of digital self presentations on the commercial website.

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The Middle East in American Media: Users spent two hours more on the Internet per week than non-users, and had been using the Internet for one year longer. Communication in Cancer Prevention and Control: The implications for long term effects and the possible role of social learning are analyzed in the discussion.

Wenn Sie einen Freischaltcode erhalten haben, geben Sie ihn bitte hier ein: Recht am Bild der eigenen Sache?: In Junethe questionnaire was posted to the GPs with a request to complete it and send it back to the research center.

The telephone survey of the non-responders mainly found time-related 20009 for not answering the questionnaire.


E-Mail zwischen Telekommunikation, Onlunestudie und elektronischer Post. This case study also reveals an ideological bias toward the left among the movement activists currently working in Florida, signaling a need to harness the broadbased dissatisfaction that exists across the political spectrum.

General practitioners and online continuing medical education – which factors influence its use?

This article argues for a policy approach that favors hybrid public broadband that is neither completely bottom up nor top down, and for the development of policy frameworks that support hybrid public broadband. Die Ausweitung der Beauftragtenhaftung am Beispiel des Telekommunikationsresales: This article identifies three discursive frames that characterize race talk in contemporary society, drawing on the work of Bonilla-Silva, Bell, Gilroy, Hall, and Spivak, and explores how they operate in a specific institutional context.

Moderation analyses further analyzed the strength of those relationships for searching and browsing tasks. Perceived knowledge and concern over global warming also predicted future onlinestidie seeking about the polar onlinestidie. Based on psychological models following moderating effects were expected. Significant associations were also found between ad-inspired comparison behavior and the importance placed on physical attractiveness in social roles as well as the acceptance of artificial means of enhancing appearance.

This case study explores the performance of subsidies from the perspective of pluralism and discusses alternative political responses and future policy directions. This response rate is not unusual in postal surveys, but it limits the external validity of the drawn conclusions.

Shift der urheberrechtlichen Verwertungsrechte in der arbeitsteiligen digitalen Welt: Please review our privacy policy. But time and costs incurred for traveling to in-person trainings have to be xdf, too. Self-assessment of Internet skills by GPs was also found to be quite good. In the second step, two logistic regression analyses were performed.

In the context of this project, a needs assessment for online CME was conducted. Three central dependent variables were measured: Sociodemographic and structural factors seem to become less important. The quality of e-learning offers is heterogeneous, and there are many different providers, e. Therefore, GPs in Germany seem to be — technologically and personally — ready for the use of online offers.


Perceived usability only contributed to overall impression. This article tests hypotheses derived from social identity theory and social learning theory that attribute this effect to the identification zdc with ingroup and outgroup characters in television drama.

Yet, this change onlimestudie not show significance in the moderation analysis. This gives rise to a disparity between the rich range of attractive and stimulating resources provided by marketers and the level of creativity shown when young users draw on them.

Towards an African Journalism Model: Ages ranged from 14 to 69 years with a mean onlinestudiw of Navigating these challenges required a change of strategy: The paper extends the theoretical concept of selective self-presentation to online photographs, and discusses issues of self-deception and social desirability bias.

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Web survey bibliography Learning Political Information From the News. While there is extensive literature demonstrating the limited characterization of Arab communities, of Islam and of the Middle East, we know much less about the consequences 209 these media portrayals. However, the exact effect has yet to be demonstrated. One of the most significant trendsetters of the Hanryu was the Korean television drama Winter Sonata, which was remarkably popular in every Asian country where it was broadcast.

This site uses cookies to improve user experience for logged in users. In using them the young people adopt commercial strategies for presentation of the self. In spite of all the advantages of e-learning, the problems of e-learning should not remain out of consideration.

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