You can save UML diagrams as images so that you can use them in other media such as documents, presentations, or HTML pages. You can save diagrams in. ArgoUML User Manual: A tutorial and reference description Finding Out More About the ArgoUML Project. Save Project As. Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!.

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Be sure to turn off any proprietary extensions such as Poseidon’s diagram data. The Rename Package Wizard.

Currently there are no other tools that we know of working on PGML. The certificate cannot be authenticated Yeah, sorry about that.

There are several ways to easily and elegantly move diagram elements. The Home Folder icon. The security in Java Web Start relies on certificates that are signed by known and trusted root artouml and authorities. It takes you through obtaining the code and getting it running. You will have to edit the image after saving. How you do this is explained on the How to Report Bugs and register enhancements page.

Import and Export

aa Run the mouse over the icons in the toolbar until you find the one with the tooltip “New Association Class. ArgoUML needs a reasonable amount of computing resource.

MDL is a Rational Rose-specific format. You can increase the heap space for any Java application by starting that application from the command prompt and doing the likes of: Export diagrams and model elements to Excel, edit their names and properties and then import the changes back to Visual Paradigm. Click “Apply” and then agrouml. At the moment you cannot write code for methods operations within ArgoUML. Then turn off all of the options and click Apply observing the changes in the diagram.


Your votes helps the developers of ArgoUML to know what defects are the most important to solve and what features are the most important to add. If the argoump has not yet been selected it will also be selected. After the folder is created selecting it an clicking in the name allows us to select the name of our choice.

I later learned more about the “Argo” myth and found argoul interesting coincidence.

Export UML Diagrams as PNG, JPG, SVG and More

Currently, the languages German deEnglish enSpanish esFrench fr and Russian ru are supported. Choose the version that suits your needs as described in the section below. There argouuml also a Mac OS X version with.

If this doesn’t happen at once, wait for a few seconds. How do I install Java Web Start? Choose this option if you want to look at the internal workings of ArgoUML, or want to join in as a developer.

Then the bulk of the window comprises four sub-windows or Panes.

This is an update of [Tips] Save as Image. All four options are freely available through the project web site, argouml.

Astah Users Community Site – Forum

If you just want to experiment with different diagram types, the easiest thing to do is create an empty Class argou,l the Class Diagram and select it to enable the other diagram buttons. That is not currently supported. You must trust that it was put there by Linus Savr and that it has aggouml been compromised on the tigris server or while moving it from the tigris server to your computer. This allows you to create a new project, save and open projects, import sources from elsewhere, load and save the model to and from a database, print the model, save the graphics of the model, save the configuration of the model and exit ArgoUML.


Normally ArgoUML is started with: By using the scroll bar on the right, you can move up and down in the list of folders contained inside the currently selected folder. They are not pretty though, so if you know anything about rendering beautiful SVG let us know!

Select the elements you want to move. State and activity diagrams can only be sabe when a class or actor is selected, even though the relevant menu entries are not grayed out if this has not been done nothing will happen under this circumstance.

Saving UML diagrams as images

Any PC which is able to run an operating system with a graphical user interface will suffice. Immediately paste to external document editors like MS Word.

Other Topics Qrgouml got a bunch of people working on the same diagrams. Beginning with ArgoUML 0. This menu is permanently grayed out unless there is some tool available in your version of ArgoUML.

In the window change to the directory holding your ArgoUML files and type java -jar argouml. You have now an active project called FirstProjectconnected to the file FirstProject.

This is a standard Java FileChooser. The Folders Presentation Icon. If your project contains information that you don’t want posted in an attachment, you may be able to email it privately to one of the developers.

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