Arhivele Totalitarismului Totalitarianism Archives. Publishing House: Institutul National pentru Studiul Totalitarismului Subject(s): History Frequency: 4 issues. Arhivele Totalitarismului (Totalitarianism Archives) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism of the. CALL FOR PAPERS Arhivele Totalitarismului/Totalitarianism Archives Arhivele TotalitarismuluI/Totalitarianism Archives is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

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Radu Ciuceanupresident of the N. The case of Constantin Agiu,p. T totakitarismului Union of Architects in R. Maurer, in Francein the summer of and its immediate results. They asked, for instance, to travel to such forbidden areas as the Tibet. The author pursues to throw light on the mechanisms set in motion after the diplomatic negotiations, leading to rapprochement between Bucharest and Paris by the middle of the decade.

He then worked as an unskilled laborer and died in anonymity in Mihai Botez was a mathematician, a researcher in future studies and also one of the most important Romanian dissidents. On March 12 19 59in the main hall of Student House in Cotroceni district, professors Dionisie Pippidi, Mihai Berza and Ion Nestor from the Faculty of History were exposed totalitarismulki a specially convened meeting, starting from their refusal to sign a message in favor of the Greek communist Manolis Glezos.

The title of the submitted article should be descriptive, concise and must indicate the chronological limits.

Arhivele Totalitarismului

Un sfert de pagina este suficient. The article presents the second part of the conference dedicated to discussions. Repressive Mechanisms in Romania Over May 30 — June 31, writers Eugen Barbu and Alexandru Andritoiu visited Chinawhere their less orthodox behavior caused discontent both among the hosts and at the Romanian diplomatic office in Beijing.

We are currently calling for papers for volumesto be published in Fall Ulunyan, Secret but Obvious: Arhivele Totalitarismului Totalitarianism Archives is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism of the Romanian Academy.


The article tries to decipher the hidden meanings of discussions between the allied leaders: Are you the publisher? Alina Ilinca, Liviu Marius Bejenaru. Eighteen years after the fall of Communism, many aspects related to the destinies of the Poles killed in the spring of are still obscure. In he retired from public life. Romaniacentralized economy, finance.

The study achieves a structural analysis of collectivization duration, intensity, dynamics, methods as well as its consequences at psycho-cultural and demographic level. The year – historical meanings and political consequences in East-Central Europe the establishment of national states, the issue of ethnic minorities, the emergence of far right and far left political currents, the new international establishment and the role of Soviet Russia.

Nu este o tragedie! Raz van Theodorescu — Historian, member of the Romanian Academy. The leaders of the latter, fearing the Gorbachev-like initiatives would endanger arhiveoe political power, used ideological arguments to defend their position. We are currently calling for papers for volumes no. Totalitarianism Archives ” Arhivele Totalitarismului” Romanian-Soviet relations, small tourist traffic.

Anne Deighton de la Universitatea din OxfordAcad.

He managed to pass his school-leaving examination and to be admitted at the Philology Faculty in Iasi arhivelr, open learning, graduating in S oviet dissidence in its golden years,was one of the most interesting episodes of the Post Stalin regime in Soviet Union. Declaration in April generated a profound crisis at the level of Romanian-Soviet relations.

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According to these laws oppression makes people fight for their freedom and a coercitive system can function only as long as it is economically and socially viable. La Bessarbia e la Grande Romania. One day later, he was arrested and accused of treason. The article presents the methods used by the Communist regime in Budapest in order to achieve collectivization and the consequences this phenomenon had on the economical and social situation of the peasants as well on their state of mind.

As the representatives of the working masses, these gatherings of employees industrial, agricultural and commercial workers, engineers, desk clerks, teachers etc.


Florin Abraham is Ph. R ecent discovered documents, such as autobiographical materials, verbal and written testimonies of those who knew Ion Totu, led to the reconstruction of a thorough biography of Totu.

Romanian Communist Party, Nicolae Ceausescu ascension to power. Senior scholars, researchers, PhD students and postdoctoral students are strongly encouraged to submit papers on one of the following topics: On April 18, 19 45the Special Intelligence Service was transferred from the Ministry of War to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and its personnel made the object of massive purges. Page 1 2 newer. In the Gestapo hunted her because of the chronicles she wrote of the German movies presented in the theaters from Bucharest.

Biographical Dictionary, Pcoordinator. In Augustas a consequence of its having condemned the sending of Warsaw Pact troops into CzechoslovakiaRomania was very close to being subject to Soviet military intervention. The situation of the Jewish minorities from Eastern Europe was dramatic.

After the war ended both countries were economically and military integrated into organizations created by the Soviets: The option for a too hierarchical Church in the post-communist period overlooks all debates on subsidiarity, although the Romanian context keeps the memory of subsidiarity stored in the interbelic trunck.

Senior scholars, researchers, PhD students and postdoctoral students are strongly encouraged to submit papers on one of the following topics: While a high school student, he enrolled in the youth organization of the Legionary Movement. The first years after were characterized by an affluence of publications — many former political prisoners wrote their memoires – documentary movies, recordings of oral history. The papers may be submitted in English, French, Russian, and Romanian.

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