R.P. Kangle is the author of The Kautiliya Arthasastra – Vol. 1,2&3 ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), The Kautiliya Arthasastra. As per Kangle there are multiple Authors who added to the Arthashastra and it does reflect some influence of Manu Smriti as well which perhaps is a much later . Kautiliya Arthashatra, by R P Kangle (MLBD). R P Kangle’s three volume compilation, translation and commentary on Kautilya’s Arthashastra is.

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His research interest is understanding the nature and the intrinsic value of the Hindu order of life. He refers to antecedent authors who recommend that 1 the ruler should decide alone; 2 because of the many imponderables, the arrhashastra should deliberate with a large group; 3 the ruler should consult with several advisers without, however, disclosing his actual intentions; 4 the ruler should disclose his intentions and consult with those who possess the expertise needed for carrying out the planned operation.

Reading the Arthashastra: R P Kangle’s magnificent work – The Acorn

The text discusses marriage and consent laws in Books 3 and 4. Films had an attraction for him, and Indian classical music too! In addition, when assessing the correlation of forces non-anthropogenic, catastrophic events must be taken into account: Mumbai has a few well-stocked libraries, and they offered excellent opportunities for research.

For Kautilya, advancing the state factors in quantitative and qualitative terms is the prime task of the ruler: He kept up his interest in English literature, and in the theatre as well. Journal of Business Ethics. He was a single-minded perfectionist, and not a scholar in a hurry.

Nomos – eLibrary | Kautilya’s Arthashastra: An Intellectual Portrait

It is the king alone who appoints the group of servants like the mantrin, the purohita and others, directs the arthashastrz of ministers and departmental heads, takes countermeasures against the calamities of the state factors, whether human or material, and secures their advancement.


However, there was neither a central fresh water supply system nor a sanitation system — as it had been the case in the cities of the earlier Harappa afthashastra. The fortified capital should be located near the center of the state territory and in the proximity of a river or an- 7.

Bhagwat is not known to be a writer to indulge in high-pitched praise! In the kanhle of governance, the weak resists the strong. For, in war there are losses, expenses, hindrances and absence from home [where in the meantime a coup might be staged] KA, VII, 2, 1. In the closing lines of the Arthashastra, Kautilya writes that he — Vishnugupta, the author of this work — played a leading role in the overthrow of the Nanda dynasty.

The root of material well-being is activity, of material disaster its reverse.

The Kautiliya Arthasastra Part 1

Next he should raise funds in order to recruit mercenaries. Even submitting to one of them is enough to bring about disaster. Brahmanism is a hereditary priestly profession, and the intellectual and ritual socialization and professionalization of the Brahmins occur exclusively within the Brahmin family or by the Brahmin Guru.

Glasenapp58, Unlike the cluster of the arthashxstra prakriti, there is no logical ordering among the six methods of foreign policy, nor does the shadgunya theory involve a normative ranking among the six options. This article contains a summary of Arthashastra artjashastra some text excerpts translated into English for the first time Weber But there also many small and medium-sized towns as well as fortresses along the state borders.

Situated within the circle of [the seven] constituent elements, he, the ruler, should, in arthashastrq manner, with these six methods of foreign policy, seek to progress from decline to stable condition artbashastra from stable condition to advancement in his own undertakings KA, VII, 1, Consulting with ministers, correspondence with senior officials outside the capital; receiving secret written intelligence reports Interval 6: I would say, that I consider those capable of maintaining themselves alone who can, through abundance arhashastra men or money, put together a sufficient army, and hold the field against anyone who assails them […].


Philosophy is the benchmark In the course of his education, Kautilya states that the future ruler must master four sciences: The ideal type is an intellectual construction of relations and coherence, which do not exist as such in the real world: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

In other projects Wikisource.

Philosophy is the benchmark. He also does not explain why the arthashasta philosophical schools of ancient India remain unmentioned. Ambedkar called on the Chief Minister of the State, persuaded him of Kangle’s high worth, and had the injustice to him prevented.

Thus, the samara and karman doctrines create the prospect of both social advancement and soteriological gratification. The sentencing follows the principle of retaliation ius talionis.

Taverns, brothels and gambling halls are staterun and generate hefty profits for the treasury. If war has become arthasyastra, all efforts should be undertaken to avoid a protracted war. This is particularly true for his description of Pataliputra, the capital of the Maurya Empire, where Kautilya had lived and worked.

Kangle could be said to have belonged to the new breed of Sanskritists who depend on the cold light of reason to guide them. And in his Politics as a Vocation he states: Yet the intrinsic value of the state does find expression in the objectives that Kautilya puts forth for the ruler: If materially satisfied and not oppressed, the people will be content with the ruler — thus political stability and state capacity are guaranteed.

Kautilya develops a scenario of how the crown prince might re-assert his rightful place in the state.

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