BOOK REVIEW: The Roots of Coincidence: An Excursion into Parapsychology by Arthur Koestler (Vintage Books) With psychologist Carl. Critical Review of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence”!1 by Jake Embrey The study of parapsychology, external sensory perception (ESP) and. The Roots of Coincidence. By Arthur Koestler. THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE : AN EXCURSION INTO PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Arthur Koestler.

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To ask other readers questions about The Roots of Coincidenceplease sign up. A communist during the s, and visitor for a time in the Soviet Union, he became disillusioned with the Party and left it in Most of Koestler’s arguments are actually pretty solid and his overarching theoretical framework is very elegant, widely applicable, and maybe even capable of shedding light on some very fundamental mysteries.

The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler

These are discussed in relation to the Marks illustrates the fact that such odd matches do regularly occur with examples from his own experience. This is a hypothesis in which I am not arguing with, yet the interpretation of the results and their supposed evidence for telepathic phenomenon are more questionable. Even if a whole bunch of doincidence swear something happened, it still really only amounts to coincisence. The Roots of Coincidence is a book by Arthur Koestleran introduction to theories of parapsychologyincluding extrasensory perception and psychokinesis.

Or is the human brain the answer?

Released inhe went to England, where he made his home. I will now show in relation to these examples how the arguments for parapsychology presented by Koestler in relation to experimental work by Rhine bear similarities to the first of those Popperian examples. Opening it at random to pagethe first paragraph my eye alighted on was the following: Furthermore, that science is not simply the accumulation of facts, that it is instead the adoption of scientific theories which best represent the largest amount of evidence at a particular time.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although it was not known by Koestler at the time, the claim that neutrinos have koestoer mass is in fact false, the theories concerning particles of zero and negative mass are purely hypothetical, coincidenve as psitrons are.

Return to Book Page. But I liked it.

The reference in the title is to Jung’s Synchronicity “meaningful coincidence” theory which hinges on a metaphysical bridging of the physical and the psychic which the psychiatrist called “the psychoid. Jul 29, Devin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Roots of Coincidence.

The Roots of Coincidence

One of five chapters of this book is titled “The perversity of Physics” and is one of the wittiest, most clinical and calculated bashing of Scientific dogmatism that I’ve ever read, though most of the lip service is rendered through quotes by Nobel Laureates, eminent Physicists and scientists including Pauli, Heisenberg, the irresistible Einstein, Oppenheimer, Arthur Eddington,George Thomson, James Jeans and some other Physicists whom I had to google and get coicnidence by their lengthy wikipedia pages.

Whilst mathematically, data of this kind is difficult and and should not be simply ignored, we must not jump to unjustified conclusions. Lists with This Book. This had been an instructive read, I thought, going through the final paragraph. Almost all instances quoted regarding animals reacting to things at a distance can be easily explained not as a consequence of ESP, but of their acute senses of smell and hearing.

With the opening chapter tge ESP, my doubts were fanned on whether Koestler would actually make a case for the roots of coincidence. Koestler postulates links between modern physics, their interaction with time and paranormal phenomena. I read this on mushrooms- locked in my room. Thanks for dropping by.

The roots of coincidence – Arthur Koestler – Google Books

Picador Pan Books Ltd. Koestler doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but it’s a fascinating journey and it certainly makes you think.


It’s just a coincidence, nothing more. Feb coincidende, Robert Bagnall rated it it was ok. We live in a world dominated by wires, A book of its time published infull of disputable arguments meant to support notions of parapsychology, and occasionally adorned with mildly interesting facts.

Koestler combines explorations into ESP and psychokinesis with quantum mechanics and Jung’s theory of synchronicity in an goots to explain life, the universe and everything. Arthud there is a similar book from the last years as this one is from the 70’s I would be happy to read it. With lute, of course. Sep 28, Kenneth rated it it was amazing. Sep 28, Anat Levi rated it really liked it. I reached the last page of the book pleasantly calm. In the very next paragraph, two people were walking together and one of them pointed out an object which looked like an exclamation mark.

The trouble is, most scientists would run a mile sorry, 1.

But the next day, her name turned up in a novel she was reading. They started operating in Even though I gave 4 stars because I think it is an important book in the field, esp. Popper uses two examples highlighting a falsifiable and a koesyler falsifiable claim: Not claimed that she’d never even heard of Madame Blavatsky. Koestler explains clearly and well why this is, with wry humour and genuine interest. It concerns “Janus faced holons”, an idea which koestle elaborated in his other works.

The best chapter is a historical overview of theories of meaningful coincidences as part of an “acausal connecting principle”, as Jung later devised it. Feb 24, Bradley rated it it was ok Shelves:

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