The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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Thus for example, in a mixed crowd there is arthjr likely to be present some physical magnetism distasteful, if not positively injurious, to a student of occultism.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Want to Read saving…. One of the great advantages of cremation is that by destroying the dense srthur, the etheric body also loses its nidus and so rapidly disintegrates. Ships from and sold by Amazon. In determining the quality of etheric matter to be used in building the etheric body, we have two things to consider: Doube full and controlled possession of etheric sight enables a man to see through physical matter: This accounts for the strong recuperative power of sleep, even of a momentary nap.

With animals, the much greater astral consciousness affects their Etheric Doubles and, by these etheric vibrations, the building of the nervous system, which was dimly foreshadowed only in plants, is stimulated. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The astral body originally was an almost inert mass, with only the vaguest consciousness, with no definite power of doing anything, and no clear knowledge of the world which surrounds it.


Unless the elemental is charged with some special development in the way of features, such as unusual beauty or the reverse, the principal agency at work in this direction will be the thoughts of the mother and the thought-forms which float around her. E lectricity, rushing through the atoms, deflects them and holds them in a certain way, and also imparts to them a separate and distinct vibration-rate.

The preparation of the eye by means of the screens renders it difficult to appreciate accurately variations in the colour of the aura.

Crawford and Baron von Schrenck Notzing. Etheric vision may be temporarily stimulated, e. The aura is observed to consist of three distinct parts, called by Dr.

There are certain circumstances in which it is both permissible and desirable to form either a shell or a shield of etheric matter, to protect oneself or other people from unpleasant influences of various kinds. The sources of possible error referred to lie one state deeper than that – in the etberic mechanisms for experiencing what they did. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Leadbeater writes etherc he has seen shepherd-boys in Sicily playing on their home-made Panpipe, with an appreciative audience of fairies frisking eetheric them, of which they were probably blissfully unconscious.

The centre is closely associated with feelings and emotions of various kinds. In conditions of weak health or nervous excitement the Etheric Double may also in great part be extruded from its dense counterpart: The atomic shield thus serves as an effective safeguard against these undesirable happenings.

A flaming cross is a symbol sometimes used to represent the serpent-fire residing in the base of the spine cenre. The condition is very unpleasant, as such a person would be shut out from the astral world by the shell of etheric matter, etheri at the same time etheruc loss of physical sense organs prevents him from coming fully in touch with earth life.


Emerald Green having a C. These rose-coloured atoms are the original atoms which first drew round them the six others to form the globule.

In order to bring about these results, however, it is necessary that the serpent-fire move to the chakrams in a certain order, and in a certain way, which varies with different types of people. Changes in the Auras may be produced by disease. Get to Know Us.

The Etheric Double: A. E. Powell: : Books

The compiler would be grateful to any students who would call his attention 1 to any inaccuracies in his work; 2 to any omissions of material which he may have overlooked.

Kilner calls this the Ultra Outer Aura. It happens frequently in the natural sciences of the physical world for which our ordinary language and mathematical symbology are expressly designed.

Central portion 12, outer portion The vampire is not appreciably benefited by the vitality of which he has robbed others, because his own system tends to dissipate what he acquires without proper assimilation.

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