Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer. Rated / 5 by 23 customers!. Announced in January , the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM and in the electronic music world. Not only was it the first new. Enter Arturia’s MiniBrute, a true hardware analogue mono synth MiniBrute has only one oscillator, but if that immediately makes you think it.

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This manages to squeeze quite a large amount of functionality into such a small space.

All user reviews for the Arturia MiniBrute

The final word on this then is that we’re seriously considering buying one – though we might have to wait for the ‘PolyBrute’ should Arturia decide to make one!

A nice touch is the Tap tempo button for matching the Arp speed to a real-time source – holding down the Tap button switches to relative mode for more accuracy.

That’s it for the negative. Sounds really stand out and have a real life side.

Below you have a knob for the tune. And here I must say that it is always a downer for me. Expression is it good? I never use cards included in the box to record the sound setting. From the classical guitar, I adapt sounds MiniBrute sounding guitar to create a happy marriage.

There is nothing better than to add some effects to highlight. Already just do not push the faders of the mixer wave background made much change response of the filter. The MiniBrute comes with a USB port and editing software but this shouldn’t be seen as a full patch editor. With a multimode arpeggiator, aftertouch, velocity-sensitivity, multimode Steiner-Parker filter and many more features, the MiniBrute has few vintage competitors in terms of functionality.


The distortion on the MiniBrute is pretty good, it is called the Brute Factor. The expression is good? What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? Both knobs are a great addition I find sibilance beautiful is obtained.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. However it is clear that I no longer will touch one VSTi: In practice this allows you to build-up simple sequences note-by-note. The two dials and aftertouch allow nice expressiveness, especially since they are adjustable.

This is a synth designed for this, we do not waste time with any menus, the result is obtained immediately. This defect only affected one set of production and the problem is now resolved. I should note that I am unfortunately fell on a defective keyboard when my purchase in January These can also be modulated, along with amplitude, filter cut-off and pitch, by the LFO section, which offers six waveform types. I tried the ms 20 mini but I preferred the Minibrute.

Arturia MiniBrute review | MusicRadar

Just a straightforward, hands-on, “knobby” analog mono synth. We were also impressed with its CV minibryte voltage interfacing options, allowing the MiniBrute to integrate into a fully analogue environment with ease.

The MiniBrute is made for the portable musician. All-access artist arguria, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. It’s a great performance synth, that encourages you to play, but for live use you’ll need to be nimble-fingered to conjure up different patches in quick succession, even if Arturia kindly provides some blank cutout patch cards for ‘storing’ your own creations along with a few pre-printed ‘presets’ to get you started.

The rear panel is well supplied: Date Produced – Steiner Parker, the VCO block and boosted the gross factor filter gives a unique sound to the beast. The MiniBrute is a 25 key analog synthesizer that has a 3 waveform oscillator and a noise generator. Our members also liked: With a little experience we minibrhte very quickly that you seek.


However, there are many variants even within the VCO stable – from discrete designs built from separate components to those built into a single custom chip alongside filters, LFOs and envelope control sections. Its tone can be tamed for softer textures, but it seems to gravitate toward the raunchy, with its “Brute Factor” control adding rich distortion.

I want to note that I am unfortunately stumbled upon a faulty keyboard on my purchase minibrut January Are the effects effective and responsive? There are a lot of knobs and sliders on it. Even if we can roughly play the sound of a clarinet, it will be more the impression that a lot of Game Boy that of the Berlin Philharmonic.

The manual is very clear to anyone who has ever had a synth analogioque hands. In short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise. So far, it’s clear that the MiniBrute has a far greater range of individual oscillator-shaping capabilities than many mainstream analogue designs, though the synth does lack the fully independent wave control of a true multi-oscillator synth. The absence of memory and preset is in my opinion a quality that requires the user revirw be creative all the time.

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