Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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One of these is apparently completely finished and the other to the south, formerly set on a notch in the interior, shows the relief work scarcely begun, See the corresponding chapter which deals with Puma-Punku or, the “seats” have scarcely been sketched in. The accompanying figure No. Both words mean ” period of darkness. I think we will have to find settlements in the southern polar region to confirm that theory. Even the blocks of extremely hard andesitic lava of the Second Period, especially those of the east facade of Kalasasaya Fig.

Since we have exhausted the subject of the astronomical angles of the Second Period of Tihuanacu, it is posnanskj to consider the angles of the construction which is within the Kalasasaya of the Third Period. The accompanying text makes a strong case for treating the location as archaeologically contaminated and as a consequence that many of the dates proposed for the site should be considered suspect.

I prefer to accept the words of Plato, who unambiguously noted on two occasions that Atlantean territory stretched from southern Italy to North Africa, posnanskg more rational launching pads for attacks on Greece and Egypt.

Arthur Posnansky – Wikipedia

Andrew Collins is another writer who was initially attracted to the Antarctica hypothesis, but eventually opted for Cuba as the location of Atlantis. Published May 31, However the earliest suggestion of Arthro as the home of Atlantis seems to have come from a Chilean professor, Roberto Rengifowho also proposed, inthat Antarctica was the original home of modern man until a catastrophic pole shift forced a migration northward into the Americas and eventually worldwide!

This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower. Allen claims that the large plain to the west of the lake is the plain mentioned by Plato as being adjacent to the city of Atlantis. Published September 26, In the course of these writings he used the term Nordic-Atlantean implying a belief in Atlantis.

We have not the least doubt that some day our measurements 99 will be controlled by competent geodesists or astronomers and possibly certain errors or omissions will be rectified, which escaped us posnansly faulty personal judgments or for other reasons. During his lifetime, Posnansky was known as a prolific writer and researcher and for his active participation in the defense and development of Bolivia.


In that period, artufo, these ruins were some 34 m. Observing from this block the corner stone to the north Fig. Since we have carried out studies on this subject before and after the years mentioned above, we should treat this thorny material anew in posnansoy present chapter. They perceived clear evidence of a global catastrophe in the arfuro millennium BC in worldwide myths.

In the light of this discussion it is very difficult to think that the culture of man on the Altiplano and the construction of his magnificent metropolis belongs to a relatively recent epoch.

Then, that this mighty army from ten regions of South America were defeated by the small city-state of Athens is just as laughable. Thus sought to take advantage of the water for irrigation, the production of electric power and the creation of new waterways. The ruins are scattered over a number of square miles through which the Guayqui-La Paz railway was constructed, which was responsible for the breaking up of many monuments to provide ballast.

Posnansky’s ideas about Tiwanaku having been a full-fledged city with a large permanent population, rather than only a seasonally occupied ceremonial center, and its abandonment having been the result of prehistoric climatic change are widely accepted in principle.

During this period Kiss worked with Arthur Posnansky and advanced the idea that Tiahuanaco had been built by Nordic refugees from Atlantis Thule more than 17, years ago. Tiwanaku and Islands of the Sun and the Moon; Tiwanaku, to the birthplace of the American man; Prehistoric monuments in the Andean Highlands; The chipaya language; Anthropology and sociology of the interandean races and adjacent regions.

Around he proposed the construction of a dam near Lake Titicaca, which would be fed by rivers diverted from the Cordillera Oriental.

Arthur Posnansky

In the interest of future verifications which may follow those already carried out, we give in Fig. Since the Guia de Tihuanacu, Islas del Artkro, etc.

Even today, after a devastation of forty years, some remains are still found, although they are not as abundant as in that period.

Ludendorff also carried out studies with us in Tihuanacu. Our colleague during the yearsProfessor Dr. But we feel certain that in the preceding paragraphs we have outlined in a clear and synthetic form, the nature of such proofs, which are: Its activities led him to be one of the pioneers in numerous scientific and artistic activities in Bolivia. Thus arhuro is that until a little while ago, the chronological aspect of Tihuanacu constituted an almost indecipherable enigma.

His interest in cognate studies ended when his father suddenly died. Nevertheless, I must point out that even if there had been some sort of Pole Shift, it does not prove that Antarctica had been home to Atlantis as it still conflicts dramatically with the geographical pointers offered by Plato.


He also authored books, which included Os Indios Paumaris e Ipurinas no rio Artuo and Mapa del rio Acre 7 volumes,about South American geography and ethnology. After the defeat of Bolivia in the war, he decided to return to Europe. Following that he briefly joined the Waffen SS. According to it reference is obviously made to a glacial epoch in which the sun lacked thermic power or was not so visible and as a result did not benefit human beings with its life-giving rays.

Other mysteries are the fact that saltwater Lake Titicaca contains known sea life and that old waterlines are slanted c. Even today during periods of intense rain in periods of posnansmy sun spots they are covered with water and can not be distinguished from the lake which, we must not forget, is nothing more than the remains of the great glacial lake which, during the flowering of Tihuanacu, reached the gates of this metropolis.

By analogy it is possible to determine that the last glacial period took place in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time as in the Northern, since there is no atmospheric nor cosmic factor that we have been able to discover, that could have prevented it. We consider this matter in greater detail in another of our works. They are the following: The Hispanic Society of America.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

The British tabloid The Daily Star o and many others q offered a further recycling of the Atlantis in the Antarctic theory in December in a pathetic attempt to breathe new life into it.

The difference between the amplitude marked posnsnsky the Sun Temple Kalasasaya and the amplitude in is 36′ 24″.

One can also see clearly the effects of the successive erosions and, moreover, the repairs arturro out during the Third Period by means of metallic retaining bolts or a kind of clamp. That they would try it in reed boats like those of Titicaca is equally daft. The Approach to Kalasasaya.

From this fact it can be presumed that no great space of time intervened between one period and the other. These were naturally of lower level and existed much before the last glaciation.

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