Editorial Reviews. Review. A provocative, clever and radiant line of theology, Sanghi suggests Written by Ashwin Sanghi, a thriller fiction writer, this book showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and lived. Even I read it because of all the hype but to be frank I didn’t like it so much. Of course I can’t deny that the author has put a lot of efforts in writing it by compiling . So, when looking for the next book to read I, as a supporter of Indian authors, dutifully picked out Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Rozabal Line’.

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The Rozabal Line is a debut novel by Ashwin Sanghi.

The novel was first released in the U. Sanghi presents a heady concoction of religion, politics and spirituality rozanal a unique manner. The plot is woven around the destruction of the world on The sanhi plot is linked to a sub plot which traces the life of Jesus and throws light on the oft debated question of Christ being buried in India. Ashwin has to be applauded for the ease with which he blends historical facts and fiction along with the storyline.


The Rozabal Line – Wikipedia

But having said that, at times the magnitude of information presented is so diverse and huge that it does become tiring rozaba, remember the details. The plot is extremely well researched; the references at the end of the novel would be sheer delight for any history lover.

llne The protagonists of the book fail to register on an emotional level and that is primarily because the novel encompasses centuries and they get only a part linr the spotlight. Ashwin Sanghi is one of the rare breed of Indian authors who dishes out a very mature, intellectual and a thrilling read, which is comparable to the master of the genre: The Rozabal Line is a very interesting take on a speculation, the veracity of which would be found out in the very near future.

The author on Facebook: Ashwin Sanghi The author on Twitter: If you find the book interesting, buy from Amazon or Flipkart here: Ashwin Sanghi is the Dan Brown of India.


Its a gripping thriller, with a lot of religious references and conspiracy theories. Click here to cancel reply.

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