ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE). Bioprocessing. Equipment. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. Three Park Avenue. Buy ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment from SAI Global. No reproduction may be made of this material without written consent of ASME. ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE) Bioprocessing.

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The line size reduction can be made after the branch to the trap leg see Fig. The use of preservative fluids is not recommended.

All vessels should be checked for drainability during fabrication. Kranc, Tech Source M. Surface finish specification shall match the clean steam condensate tube finish specification unless the amse downstream of the trap is used in the process or sampled for quality assurance.

ASME BPE Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Equipment

The purpose was to develop an ASME standard that would be distinctive, germane, and not in conflict with other industry standards. Figure SD presents the following acceptable approaches for seal applications: Peterman, High Purity Connections, Inc.

If it is not practical to conduct the test with all interior equipment qsme place, dummy shafts and dip tubes may be used to check shadowing. The equipment is cleaned but not necessarily sterilized.


The lines should be continuously pitched above the minimum slope. This Part describes the fittings made for use with nominal outside diameter O. Hobick, Holland Applied Technologies C. Basic Components of a Seal. All process piping systems that include piping, tubing, and fluidic components shall be sloped for adequate drainage.

Benway, Chair, Swagelok Co. Return system engineering shall give consideration to balancing solution flow i. Hygienic Clamp Joint, deg Elbow.

SD, illustration b ]. Straight Tee and Cross. Proper application and engineering with respect to return pump selection, spray device selection, and piping installation make it possible to conduct such cleaning operations with a high degree of uniformity and dependability.

SD, illustration c ], the design should be hygienic in design e. Tagging nozzles on the backside of panels will help reduce the number of incorrect piping connections during field installation.

Low point drain designs that incorporate a spool piece allow for full rotation of the drain valve [see Fig. The CIP system shall be capable 20007 delivering consistent cleaning solutions at requisite flow rates and temperature either in a recirculated or once-through mode.

The product contact surfaces shall be free of crevices, pockets, and other surface irregularities.


ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment_图文_百度文库

asmme Cleanability should be checked using the full CIP protocol at the facility where the vessel is installed including cleansers and temperatures. Other methods for preventing moisture accumulation in vent filters, such as vent heaters or condensers, could be considered.

They can be synthesized either through chain reactions or by templating. Recommended b Typical Hygienic Clamp Union — 1 in. ASME does not take any position with respect to the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any items mentioned in this document, and does not undertake to insure anyone ssme a standard against liability for infringement of any applicable letters patent, nor assume any such liability.

An organization holding authorization to perform various activities in accordance with the requirements of the codes and standards may 20077 this capability in its advertising literature.

Transfer Panel Looped Headers.

Weld Joint Design and Preparation. Mathien, Plymouth Tube Co. Hamilton, Rath Gibson S. Typical Ball Valve Configuration.

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