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In this position, the underside of the sidesof the large base 61 which project beyond the sidesof the connecting portion member 62 then bears on the supporting surfaces How do you use it?

Leçon n°3 – La suite : Comment assembler 2 panneaux (partie 2/3)

According to another advantageous characteristic, the large base extends beyond the dihedron-shaped connecting portion of a width corresponding to the assemvlage of the bearing surface lamfllo the recess formed in the edge of the assemblage.

Then, with a FR2 milling cutter rotating about an axis X1-X1 parallel to the axis XXone passes the inner bearing surface 25 is milled and the locking groove GR Free format text: This tab may be placed in the locking groove after manufacture of the panel so that the panels of a furniture box can be wrapped aszemblage packaged without worrying about the locking tabs the end user found and already installed.

According to a particularly advantageous characteristic, the locking tongue is terminated by a locking member attached to the end of the dihedron of the caisson formed by the assembly of two panels based on edge and fitting into the groove of the panels receiving the edges of the base to secure the locking tab.

Method for installing between floor and ceiling a partition panel, and sole rail for such a method.

Lamello grooving blade

Conversely, the edge support surface 15 of the first panel 10 is advanced the distance A so that the bastard tongue 11 is shorter than the known bastard tongue. LV Free format text: SE Ref legal event code: A box is usually formed by four sides, two lateral sides, a top, a bottom and a bottom. Interested in a demo of lamello products with a CNC?


The locking grooves open preferably at the rear side of the panels, that is to say the rear of the housing so that the front face of the box leaves appear that the connecting line between the bastard tongue and its housing without show the channel formed by the meeting of assemblate two locking grooves at each corner.

La The figure 15 Figure 15 est une vue de dessous de la assemnlage de verrouillage 40 avec son organe de verrouillage SK Free format text: Year of fee payment: Great testimonial on LinkedIn by a lamellopsystem user!

25 best Lamello images on Pinterest | Carpentry, Woodworking and Joinery

AL Free format text: NL Ref legal event code: In case of misalignment along the assembly line, the assembly of the panels can optionally be corrected in a very simple manner so that the front and rear faces of the panels are perfectly aligned. LU Free format text: Visit us at sicam Hall 3 Booth A3 lamellocommunity 45 2 17 October, UEP Ref document number: The groove 16 ends before the front panel 10A.

ES Kind code of ref document: Such housings may be constitutive of a modular system or elements be used individually. The present invention aims to develop a furniture cabinet formed by the panel assembly and the realization of the asssemblage to the corners of the box, can be simple, with guaranteed results and without requiring special knowledge the field of carpentry.

The locking grooves 16, 26 of the two panels 10, 20 are preferably adopted just before the end of the two panels 10, 20, but by opening the other end of the panels. The present invention will be described hereinafter with furniture boxes of embodiments according to the invention represented in the accompanying drawings in which: Clip for installing false ceiling panel – incorporates projection on vertical tongue which engages slot in support structure.


A1 Designated state s: MC Free format text: IE Ref legal event code: This recessed portion R is transferred onto the illegitimate tongue 11 that is shorter due to the advance A of its bearing surface edge The furniture box according to the invention is assembled in a particularly simple manner since it suffices to meet the various panels, for example the four panels forming the parallelepiped box.

In this case, the locking tab may have a length greater than the channel length if it protrudes at the front or shorter than the channel length to leave the channel freely debouch in front and possibly receive an item of fixing, such as a pin on the back of an element decorating the front of the box. The tongue 40A is a split tongue so that it can easily adapt its length to the depth of the casing from a uniform length tongue.

The channel can also receive in this assembkage a decorative element that emphasizes the corner of the front cabinet. Assembly device for framework sections, corresponding framework, and cabinet, particularly cabinet for electrical equipment, implementing such a framework. PLFP Year of fee payment: The large base 61 is provided with a connecting portion 62 dihedral bearing against the inner faces of the panels 10, assfmblage in the bearing surfaces The broken line triangle plot is the laamello of the large base 61 lameello does not appear in this section view from above.

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