: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

My plan is to reach a certain particular level in Spanish and Swedish, and then I will fully commit to Basque Ni euskalduna naiz eta niri ere oso interesgarria izango litzateke euskara ikastaroa abian jartzea, munduko jendea hizkuntza gutxituetara hurbiltzeko. The Assimil course if you speak French or Spanish is nice, really hard but nice, and found it really useful for getting used to understanding the spoken language.

It’s a very interesting language. There are lots of exercises, texts, and audio, all for free. I would love to have a course in Euskara. It’s a great course with lots of material, the main issue with it is that it’s a bit dry with the exercises.

Jeroogalo 8 6 2. I really want to speak it well some day: It’d be nice to get people together willing and able to work on a course.


Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

The Ikasten course is free, too, you just need to create an account. My advice would be to check out The Basque Languageit was recently reprinted so is easy to get ahold of again. I’m currently about a third of the way through.

I guess it’s just a question of how many people have applied for it,if I am the only one they don’t even take it seriously. No es tan divertido, pero al menos tenemos Ikasten.

Anyone else out there interested in a course in Euskara Batua? Baita ni ere euskalduna naiz. It’s really not that hard, it won’t be a walk in the park that’s for sure, but its grammar is super fascinating and unlike anything i’ve studied before.

Can I ask why you have this passion for Basque? Esker aunitz, crush, muchas gracias, thanks a lot: It’s really interesting i’d even say fun to learn, and everyone is surprised at first and really helpful later when they find you’re studying it. I will leave a link here to my website if anyone thinks i can be useful in adapting a Basque course for Duolingo.

I can be pretty slow myself a 76 year old with cataracts but I think I could be helpful in your mission as I have an extensive vocabulary in euskara and am able to do translations. Ah, i just realized that a few euslera up there’s a more detailed review of some of these courses: I read through it a while back, but was lost by the end.


Kaixo, I’ve been following this thread as I too would like to see a Basque course on Duolingo. I’m sure you’ll find people who can help build it.

Te toco por duo cuando habremos llegado y arreglado en nuestro hogar. Mucha suerte y espero que el proyecto salga adelante: A inociacion concerted effort for Euskara would be nice. I spend a bit of time at the http: Espero que se cumpla el deseo.

I’m curious if anyone else would be interested in working on a Basque course for Spanish or English speakers and what kniciacion of audience it might have ie. Maybe soon i’ll have something up and running and people can provide their thoughts on it.

I think it’ll help french basks reconnect with the language. It seems pretty comprehensive, but after the first ten or so lessons it really starts to zoom by. Well, at least once you get beyond the inkciacion few units. Gente por todo el mundo lo aprende!

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