of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (ASTM Practice. D ). MPMS Chapter Determination of Water in Crude Oil by the Distillation Method (ASTM Test. ASTM D Standard Test Method for WATER IN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AND BITUMINOUS MATERIALS BY DISTILLATION. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Water in Petroleum Products and Bituminous Materials by Distillation.

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Summary of Test Method 4.

Petroleum products and bituminous materials. Testing mositure of petroleum asphalt, coal tar or asphalt emulsion, etc. If the metal still is used, start heating with the ring burner about 76 mm 3 in.

Distillation ml Flask Heater Part Number The Seta Distillation Flask Heater is a regulated heating mantel which has the capacity to accommodate a ml flask. Bangkok pursuant to License Agreement. ASTM D95 distillation method portable transformer oil moisture analyzer. NOTE 1—Volatile water-soluble material, if present, may be measured as water. A number of lubricating oil additives are reactive and are known to interfere with direct KF titration.

HZWS-2 astm d95 petroleum products karl fischer trace water tester.

Distillation 1000ml Flask Heater

Recommended Sample Sizes for KF Analysis Sample Size Selection For both direct and indirect KF methods, sample size selection is critical for minimizing errors associated with sample weighing, transfer and injection.

Typical assemblies are illustrated in Fig. Oils have limited solubility in alcohols, such as methanol, which are typically used in common KF reagent formulations, while they are fully soluble in organic solvents like chloroform, toluene and xylene. Read the volume of the water in the trap dd95 the nearest scale division. High water content of lubricating oils negatively impacts the operation and longevity of the oils and the mechanical equipment components being lubricated.


Modern Instrumental Methods and Techniques. Circulate cold water through the jacket of the condenser.

Gold Plus Supplier The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. A gas ring burner with ports on the inside circumference shall be used with the metal still. Distillation methods, such as ASTM D95 and D provide xstm quantitative data in the range of approximately ppm to 25 percent, but require large sample sizes and involve long analysis times, typically 60 to minutes.

The subsequent oxidation of the alkylsulfite salt to sstm alkylsulfate salt by iodine consumes water in a 1: Provide laboratory construction program design guidelines.

Ramin’ USA Corporation

The end-point determination in KF titration occurs by means of bivoltametric indication. D95 — 05 ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard.

A wide variety of astm d95 options are available to you, such as paid samples. Fundamentals of Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration. Volumetric or coulometric KF methods, utilizing either direct titration or the oil evaporator technique, can be used to quantify water in oil samples from trace amounts to percent.

Astm D95, Astm D95 Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Coulometric KF is considered an absolute method because time and current can both be accurately measured. D95 — 05 the case of Style E; 0. On d995, care shall be taken to prevent the joints from freezing or sticking. About product and suppliers: Current Issue Archive Advertise. Techniques for Successful KF of Oil Samples Direct Titration Sample solubility issues may be overcome by using co-solvents such as chloroform, toluene or xylene to increase the solvent capacity of conventional KF reagents in the titration cell.


Create your own user feedback survey. Water Content Oil Testing Equipment. Drain the cylinder thoroughly after the sample transfer and each rinsing. Rinse the material adhering to the cylinder with one mL and two mL portions of the solvent-carrier liquid see Section 6 and Table 1.

Eliminate these factors before repeating the veri? How is the technical services on the product9 Engineer available to service machinery overseas. The stills and traps should be chosen to cover the range of materials and water contents expected.

The Best Gets Better: The technique also offers other substantial advantages over more conventional hot plate crackle test and distillation methods, and it has been incorporated into numerous ASTM standards.

These include aldehydes, higher phenols, modified mercaptans, ketoacids, polysiloxanes, sulfides and metal oxides. We have 12 months warranty, if it broken during transport, we can change a new one for you. The assembly of the apparatus is satisfactory only if the trap readings are within the tolerances speci? Condensed solvent and water are continuously separated in a trap, the water settling in the graduated section of the trap and the solvent returning to the still.

However, due to solubility and reactivity issues described above, analysts often drastically reduce sample size, which tends to reduce the reproducibility of test results. This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every? Percent may be determined by mass or by volume.

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