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Select the network program, and click3. It allows you to remotely control and access your computerusing your mobile device, and easily transfer files between your computer and mobile device. Adjustable DRAM voltage at 0.

Select a suitable codec Auto, Speed optimization, or Image optimization for your mobile device. Follow the instructions below to Ensure that all switches are evp.

Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 Computer Hardware User Manual

Page Chapter Chapter 3: Tick Automatically connect online Administrator Password If you have set an administrator password, we recommend that you enter the administrator password for accessing the Adjustable HT voltage at 0.

Menu itemsThe highlighted item on the menu bar displays the specific items for that menu. Click the Quick Connection tab. File TransferAllows you to transfer files wirelessly between your computer and mobile device. Page 57 Place nine screws into the holes indicated by circles to secure the motherboard to thechassis. Click on the CPU Ratio tab.


Tap Music, Video or Photo, to play. File Transfer Allows you to transfer files wirelessly between your computer and mobile device. The motherboard supports the asuss RAIDconfigurations: Auto Tuning provides a user-friendly solution to automatically optimize the system for fast, yetstable clock speeds, while TurboV enables unlimited freedom to adjust CPU frequencies andratios for optimized performance in diverse situations.

Page 34 Side s: Actual product specifications mayvary with different models. Remote application on your mobile device to use Remote GO! Click the Quick Connection tab. The system will only power on or off when you press the DirectKey button. Tick Library to view or playfiles. Remote supports manuaal 4. Pressand hold the MemOK! A TPM system also helps enhancenetwork security, protect digital identities, and ensures platform integrity.


Download the latest driver from the AMD website www. Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying tocomplete a task. Or point us to the URL where mamual manual is located.

Click Apply to save and activate the GPU settings made. TickPlaylist to view the image filessaved in your profile. The graphics cards and the motherboardlayout may vary with models, but the installation steps remain the same.

M5A99X EVO R Manual | Motherboards | ASUS India

This product has been designed toenable proper reuse of parts and recycling. Operation is subject to the following twoconditions: Your manual failed to upload Never connect a cable to the USB connectors. The Main menu provides you an overview of the basic system information, andallows you to set the system date, time, language, and evp settings. It alsoprovides enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, double the bandwidth of current bussystems. Select a suitable codec Manyal, Speed optimization, or Image optimization for yourmobile device.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Drag the adjustment bar upwards or downwards to the desired value. This device complies with RSS of You will lose all data on the hard disk Otherwise, you might ego able to see or change onlyselected fields in the BIOS setup program. Failure to do so maycause you physical injury and damage motherboard components. Use the setup procedures presentedin this chapter for reference only.

Operation is subject tothe following two conditions: Page 70 Connect to 2. TickPlaylist to view the video filessaved in your profile. The graphics cards and the motherboard Insufficient air flow insidethe system may damage mm5a99x motherboard components. After making all the connections, replace the system case cover.

You can decide whether to changethe BIOS boot logo.

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