‘ATHMA VIDYA VILASA’ OF AVADHOOTHA .. describing the splendor of Atma vidya everyday, will grow mature in the wisdom of the supreme. [Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio. Ravi Kiran ravikiranm at . Wed Jul 13 CDT Previous message: [Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts. Swamini Lalitananda has joined hands with Sri. Omananda Swamiji in a noble undertaking. Together they are raising funds to house, feed and educate over.

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For the seekers, to cognize, he is said to be within one’s Heart cave. Thus is completed this work named Atma Vidya Vilasa composed by by Sadasivendra, the disciple of the gracious guru, Paramasivendra. The Recluse shines as a king of kings, resting serenely on the soft bed of bare atmaa, with cool breeze as his unique chamara royal whisk and with the full moon as the lamp of his royal chamber.

He is also said to be in all the worlds of the universe. He unmindful of the vilqsa sun, pouring rain, blowing chill winds roamed in wilderness without ever uttering a word, slept under starry sky, shunned all human contact and was ever in a supreme intoxicated state. They are asked to show ‘mudras’ – hand posture, to the divine will. It is cognized only through techniques of negation, as Vilaxa this,Not this.

[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

Not all Sanyasis are Avadhutas and not all Avadhutas are Sanyasis. The Jnani with his silence, as yoga, mudra and namaskara,stay at the river bund, immersing in meditation and enjoys Samadhi. The Recluse is the gentle wind which blows pleasantly in the grove of Knowledge-Bliss and prevents all fatigue by its lovely progress, along with the fragrance of flowers Realized souls.


Avadhuta Gita describes him The Avadhuta alone, pure in evenness of feeling, Abides happy in an empty dwelling place, Having renounced all, he vilasq about naked.

It is believed Sadashiva Brahmendra lived in the time of Sharabhoji, ruler of Tanjore He is the Present, the Past and the Future. He will attain and become Perfection and Liberation.

Avadhuta is one who has risen above bodily consciousness, duality and worldly concerns. He ever stays in Brahman, even while food falls on his hand unasked. Discard the bondages of karma. He is Siva, the Purusha and the Siddha. But a Jnani’s Presence is like a Sourabha, celestrial fragrance and spreads that fragrance in all his surroundings.

Atma Vidya Vilasa – Sadasiva Brahmendra – Mountain Path, Apr.-June

By practice, he distinguishes his real identity and its relationship with his body. He fell into silence and never vvilasa again the rest of his life.

bilasa Having immersed in the divine nectar of ‘niratisayanada’, he is totally unconcerned about any matter. He remains a Witness or Spectator or Sakshi for happenings around him. The Vedas describe That like this: He is in Brahman, like the ghee in the butter, all pervading but without known by others.

He is like a lion with knowledge and the atms elephants have been driven away to the wide forests, by his mere Presence.


Climbs the upstairs called the Reality and enjoys the ecstasy of Liberation,the damsel in vjlasa Brahmic state. It does not decrease, nor decrease, nor decay. He shines supreme enjoying, as Existence Knowledge Bliss, with the blemish of egoism gone, with his mind quite calm and composed, and with his gilasa cool and pleasant like the full moon. The Sage shines supreme, silent and placid, with the ground under the tree as his resting place, and with his palm as the begging bowl, wearing nothing but only the jewel of non attachment.


He is blooming without impurities, without the consciousness of day and night. He was an enlightened being who lived in a state beyond body-consciousne ss. Narayanan; Published by Kamakoti Kosasthanam, Chennai. Posted by sreenivasaraos on September 1, in Indian PhilosophyVedanta. They make a lot of stma. He thereafter created a series of musical compositions in praise of Sri Rama Pibare Rama rasam, Khelathi mama vkdya, Bhajare Raghuveeram, Cheta Sriramam, Prathi varam varam manasa etc.

He dispels the ignorance like the raising full moon and he is worshiped even by angels o f the heaven.

He is moving in the celestial garden of Vialsa and hence he is ever fragrant. Take that one hundredth part of the hair and make one thousand parts. Hence Self-Knowledge is like a majestic garden, in which all the peacocks stroll without fear.

The Jnani who has realized that only truthful thought is Brahman, can go to any world, lokas,as he pleases.

I am ever happy in the self-effulgent swarupa, the Brahman. On his return, Shivarama still in his early teens was promptly married. That one ultimate part is the Atman! When his mind is annihilated, the universe also is annihilated for him.

The mind is like a restless deer, wandering here and there in the jungle. A number of stories and myths grew around his mystical powers.

He is the same, in creation, sustenance or dissolution. The king of ascetics take his rest on a broad slab of stone, which is lovely because on every side of it the pure waters of vipasa river are flowing, while the southern breeze from the Malaya Hills blows gently.

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