Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, , Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Edition, 2. Publisher, Galeati, Length, 87 pages. Export Citation. Pier Luigi Ighina ( in Milan – in Imola), was an Italian researcher. His unorthodox Bibliography[edit]. Pier Luigi Ighina, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico, Imola, Galeati, (ISBN X). Giusy Zitoli, Io l’ho conosciuto.

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He once succeeded in absorbing electric energy by pointing his machine towards high tension lines. Ighinas opinion, the proof of the function and influence of the planetary magnetic field on all existing matter and living beings. He tried to stop their motion with his developed technique, but without success.

In the meantime he observed that all existing matter had the property of having a particular atomic motion vibration that determined the substance and the shape of that particular matter. It took him 4 years of study to create this scale. The stronger the vibration, the longer the canal.

For example, if a flower has a basic atomic pulsation ofand its external atoms get in touch with other atoms like those of light, ighins, gas, etc. His machine showed him the shape, the composition and functioning principle of the engine. He then left the peach tree with the vibration of the apple tree for a period of 16 days. Many have not survived the cold and they have taken refuge inside the laboratory, while others have put in their car.


This matter seemed now to have ighna different structure, more similar to that corresponding to the new vibration. Mirko Kulig The Magnetic Atom. Ho potuto visitare il suo laboratorio e tutte le varie apparecchiature da lui costruite.

There provides extensive explanations about the nature and operation of certain machines made by him. At the edges of the mwgnetico there were different funnels: Enlarging the atoms to 1. How could he obtain the union of these magnetic atoms? Fu proprio il Prof. He developed the idea of trying to stop the motion of the atom.

It warns that before noon [ dell’indomani ] would not have given away in the experiment. Of course, those amouls are not safe, but there, abandoned on a table in view of everyone, without barriers, networks or anti-theft devices. He, therefore, would have the task of planting the seed act to sprout in the hearts of men to make them best.

Some people are also from abroad. Egli, dunque, avrebbe il compito di gettare il seme atto a germogliare nel cuore degli uomini per renderli migliori.

Pier Luigi Ighina

He tuned the apparatus into the peach tree vibration and started to raise it within a time of 8 hours to the vibration of the apple tree. While functioning, the upper disk would rotate and the funnels would do the same work as the paddles in a boat.

Ighina, I was told that he believes that the day-night rhythm is not depending on the earths rotation, but on the rotation of the magnetic field; furthermore he states that no human being has ever gone on the moon yet because the conditions there would not allow a normal human being to survive for a second, since there is not the correct combination of sun energy and planetary response energy which are the basic pillars of life.


Abbastanza caldi, ma poco pratici, i plaid da pic-nic usati come mantelli. He thus built an electromagnetic field identical to the one made by nature in a way that the positive pole would always be over the ground and the negative pole would be close to the ground. But Pier Luigi Ighina, a good man and simple as a child, as [infatigablecabile] still a man. Poi il disco sarebbe sceso. After several rounds these emitted vibrations unite with those of the underground gases deposits.

One points upward, and another points downward. The different circles would create some kind of shield around the atom.

Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

As previously said, after experimenting on animals he concluded that the magnetic field protects us and when variation occurs, we become sick. Ho chiesto poi come avevano, lui e Marconi, applicato la conoscenza sul monopolo.

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