Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend. Book Contents. Text size: A; A; A; A. Attaining Your Desires is considered to be one of the clearest, most. Find A Center The Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend Library Home – Genevieve. Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend explores the life and works of Thomas Troward. The bulk of the work takes the form of a dialogue.

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The process is quite different from that of retaining an idea in the so-called intellectual mind. Then one’s efforts should be wholly direction to the attainment of a higher degree of intelligence, rather than to the acquiring of material things. If you get into the spirit of that idea, you will see how quickly corresponding results will appear. Did I actually concentrate on dropping the matches into the box, or wasp more concerned with their arrangement, or was I distracted with other thoughts, good or bad?

Suppose I were conducting a business, but my thoughts were more on an anticipated vacation than on my work. Also why you, as an individual, can control circumstances, whether they be mental, physical, or financial, through the understanding of your personal relationship to the Geneveve which governs the universe.

English Choose a language for shopping. That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God attaijing that which is past.

Attaining Your Desires | FREE

The reason for this is an almost universal lack of understanding on the part of the individual that a certain quality of thought brings to the consciousness a recognition of an intelligent power capable of attracting to him, and directing him so, the fulfillment of his purpose and the attainment of his desire.

In your first experience in the dark room, your all-absorbing thought was not so much about the darkness as about the light, and how it could be turned on. Then expel slowly, keeping your thought steadily on the inhalation, mentally seeing it go all through your lungs, and penetrating every part of your body s rays of light. Therefore, when you believe that a situation is beyond your control, so it is. Grasp the principle of reciprocity, and you will comprehend why you fall short sometimes of enjoying life, and how you can attain to full enjoyment; just as the law of gravitation shows why iron sinks in water, and can also me made to float.


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Could his mind have captured this big idea without the help of a teacher? At the early age of eighteen the natural bent of his mind began to assert itself, and he won genecieve Helford College gold medal for literature.

At that time he had no knowledge of Mental Science Christian Science, New Thought, or any of the “isms” of modern thought. Since my subjective edsires is a part of the Universal Mind, if I impress it with an idea or desire, does this impression pass automatically into the Universal Subjective Mind?

New Thought – Ancient Wisdom can be taught around the world using books from this library.

It should be understood that your subjective mind receives its impressions from the objective mind and never from material things. We have our ordinary business to do, but, believe me, it is the scientific method to bring everything into the Divine light.

After more fruitless endeavor, you paused to rest, and to wonder where that switch could possibly be, “It must be here, and I shall find it,” you said to yourself, and again you passed your hands over the walls, although you felt certain that you had gone over every inch that you could reach. Brak rated it really liked it Sep 20, I “see through a glass darkly. I have honestly tried to rid myself of thoughts, which seemed to cling all the tighter when I tried to throw them off.


Supply and demand is a very large subject, but eventually you will always have to come back to the teaching of Jesus, “Ask and ye shall receive. Thought is creative, because it always brings into physical or objective existence forms which correspond to itself. You now have a fairly good general idea of the two ultimates: But on the other hand if you feel that you want some other sort of learning, do not mind saying so; only you will never find any substitute for Christ.

Thomas Troward Six-Book Collection annotated: See how that affects you.

Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend

After having acquired this refuge, it alone would not insure complete protection. These variations in the exercise with the suggestions for introspection, which have been slightly changed, were taken from the best authority, as far as I know, along the lines of will-training, and I am positive will bring the attainment of a firm, strong will, and an intelligent use of it.

I have never thought before of what a house really symbolized.

The idea is to use your power of thought and feeling positively, in order to attain positive results. In short, you can work when you work and play when you play. All we know of the invisible is gained from what we see it do on the plane of the visible. While studying these profound subjects, there was unfolded to him, as in a vision, a system of philosophy which carried with it not only peace of mind, but also physical results in health and happiness.

The envelope of the soul. It means that success or failure is contingent upon but one thing mental control, and the will is this controlling factor.

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