drawing & mounting du dome tweeter Audax Dome tweeter Audax TWA0, 8 ohm, 1 spl & impedance vs frequency measurement du dome tweeter Audax. Audax tweeter TWA0 (8 ohms) in stock at € 26 Solid aluminium face plate. Clear sound reproduction, smooth and transparent. This Audax tweeter was one of most used soft dome tweeters in the early days of high end audio. While it has gone through a few changes, along the way.

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tq025a0 I’ve used it a few times and it is simply a clean tweeter that doesn’t really do anything wrong. They perform very well, I’m thinking to tame the mid-range a bit, it’s a bit too forward to my taste, but vocals sound very nice with this crossover. Better power handling too.

As far as soundstage and imaging, that is more crossover dependent than simply the tweeter. I like the NHT a lot for its sweet and smooth response. But this is a measurement inside my room, gated: If you can afford a higher cutoff, and can find some, seek out the TWA1, which added t025a0 cooling for better power handling.


Getting things to cooperate spatially around the crossover point directivity is the key. How tw02a0 you describe the sound stage with a good crossover?

But thats just personal taste. And a coil for the woofer. IsotonicAug 6, I’ve read the TC50 crossover was designed by Martin Colloms too. It’s not a bad tweeter, I just prefer the Seas.

Is there a proven crossover design for your preference? Man, you guys blow me away with you depth of knowledge. Will any of the tweeters with proper crossover improves on the sound stage. RayWAug 6, Log in or Sign up. Shawnee Nat’l Forest of IL.

I think my xover is just a capacitor and a resistor to attenuate the signal But its sound stage lack depth.

The real world challenge of a speaker DIY. But I did several different tests, so I don’t remember exactly the final setup, I’ll open them and check it this week speakers are not at home, I’m moving home by this days It seems aufax is speaking on front of you.

I have used the Audax tweeters on 2 DIY projects and they are sweet, sweet, sweet.

Audax TWA0 Tweeter for Mission | eBay

They get better as the numbers get higher, but they are all stellar. It is the only choice other than the KEF. Do you have a preference among them and why? No, create an account now. JimPAAug 11, Another aufax to consider is Morel. Something like Hz for the tweeter audaax for the woofer but that’s working from memory a few years ago with a few designs between then and now. I haven’t used that particular SS but I have used the Audax.


Audax TW025A0

Probably not the right forum for this. Keilau Seas also makes some nice metal dome tweeters. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Can you post a schematic or a link to that crossover? Personally, I like the Seas. But it would be good to try a more elaborated crossover, and overlap the woofer to that.

Your name or email address: Yes, I understand it depends on the overall design. GordonWAug 11, StereoDNAAug 12, Then, complete speaker at the bottom, each speaker with a different color. Any of the older MDT series are awesome.

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