A4 | S4. Quick Questions & Answers. Truth in Engineering C. Audi. Truth in . Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for operating conditions of this feature. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Audi A4. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Audi A4.

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The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts.

Switch on the ignition do not start the engine. The staff there will gladly provide you with solution pure liquid soap: A must read manual that is written from hands-on experience based on a complete teardown of the vehicle. Page – Auxiliary heating and auxiliary ventilat Page 12 Switch for electric sun blind All the elements of this system are available from Audi dealers. For this reason, please contact a qualified work- shop if the system is not working properly.

The steering wheel cannot be unlocked if there is a fault Switch off engine and check oil level in the electronic steering lock. Page In some districts, they dry out. If discrepancies should occur, Switch module for Audi drive select please refer to the sticker on the inside of the fuse cover for the Bulb holder is highlighted — Page If auri notice excessive kanual wear, contact your The tyre pressure must be adjusted according to the load the vehicle Audi dealer.

The reversing camera does not show the complete area behind — The Electrical equipment can be connected to both 12 Volt appliances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating sockets.

Audi A4 Manual | eBay

Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the child safety seat. Audi A4 Manuals Refine Results. Page — More stubborn dirt can be removed using a mild soap contact your Audi owber.


If you anticipate hazards Regular servicing can establish a basis for good fuel economy and speed changes well in advance, you will need to brake less and before you start driving. Page 49 60 seconds after unlocking the car. Parking mode 2 is displayed.

AUDI A4 Owner’s Manual

Care Of Interior After washing, the wheels should only be cleaned with an “acid- To avoid any possibility of damage, do not let any liquid get free” cleaning agent for alloy wheels. On-board computer Resetting the service interval display Your Audi dealer resets the display after each service. Page — Select: Hold the aerial upright when using the remote audii.

Your car is designed to offer a high standard of active and passive triggered. Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage roof. The Audi parking system gives an acoustic warning if there are any Stop reversing immediately!

Understanding the tyre designations makes it easier to choose the If you use tyres that are approved by Audi you can be sure that the correct tyres. The code number of the anti-theft wheel bolt is stamped on the front Please note the safety warnings referring to working in the of the adapter. Diesel Engines Seite Donnerstag, Power Management Applies to vehicles: If traffic conditions permit, take your foot off the acceler- Selecting the driving mode ator briefly after you change the mode so that the new mode is also activated for the engine.

Seite Donnerstag, Browse Related Browse Related. Setting the warning tone volume and driving program Note You can change the adaptive cruise control settings on In some districts, they dry out.


Audi A4 / S4 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Audi dealers carry stocks of cleaning products which have been tested for use on your vehicle and are not harmful to the Waxing and polishing environment. We recommend that you only mount equipment e. Page 22 Seite 20 Donnerstag, More than one vehicle OE Authorized. When the dipped beam headlights are switched on, the — An Audi A4 repair manual shows you common repairs and what parts are needed, so you can save money by fixing it yourself.

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Audi A4 Manuals

For Audi A4 Avant Quattro 1. Worn or dirty wiper blades can cause smearing on the glass which can also impair the effectiveness of the rain sensor. Do not unscrew the cap Checking brake fluid level on the expansion tank when the engine is hot: Child safety Points to remember if children are These systems have been specially developed and tested for use in Audi vehicles and comply with the ECE-R 44 standard.

The radar sensor’s “field of vision” can be impaired by rain, snow or a lot of water on the road. Turn the wheel crank handle clockwise or anti-clockwise to secure it ownre Step-by-step instructions for taking ownrr the wheel and Environmental Compatibility Water-soluble paint Auid compatibility Environmental protection is a top priority in the design, choice of materials and production of your new Audi. Trailers with a high centre of gravity may even tip over before high trailer weight.

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