Buy a cheap copy of Audio Reality book by Bruce Rozenblit. Written by an industry insider and manufacturer, this book gives the consumer essential knowledge. I was reminded that event after having read a few pages of Bruce Rozenblit’s new book, Audio Reality: Myths Debunked Truths Revealed. Like the solid clunk. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Audio Reality by Rozenblit, Bruce and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Frankly, though, this is no real surprise because cables have been a source of constant debate. Excess is welcome in this case.

Thanks for supporting an Australian owned and operated business! His personality is reflected in this book.

Audio Reality : Myths Debunked Truths Revealed by Bruce Rozenblit (1999, Paperback)

He uses simple language and effective examples. Its target audience is obviously those who have little or no knowledge of electronics. Reportedly there are more products coming in the future. On the other hand, there were some subjects omitted that I would have liked to see included.

After all, the guy designs tube-based equipment, and as we approach the millennium, I would think that some current-day engineering grads rozenlit take issue with that! Rozenblit’s book, I was reading solid tube-audio related text. Suffice it to say, he is a busy guy.


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Do you want cost-no-object build quality and construction, or do you want something that will get you most of the way there? However, it is also the kind of information that is vital in this industry, that keeps it alive, interesting and progressing.

So in beuce end is the content really controversial? Fortunately for us, he has decided to spill audoi beans in this book. Some comments will win the hearts of budget-based audiophiles — he emphatically states that “Cost does not directly relate to performance. Continue with Facebook Continue with Twitter. Bruce Rozenblit Karla Schiller. Feature Article May Book Review: Am I killing my summer?

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Audio reality ( edition) | Open Library

rozenbliy Click ‘Notify Me’ to get an email alert when this item becomes available. I was reminded that event after having read a few pages of Bruce Rozenblit’s new book, Audio Reality: Basic instructions on chassis design, wiring and component mounting are given, but these are not intended as directions for a kit because the information is nowhere near explicit enough.


Audio Reality presents educational information that can undoubtedly be found in other text books on electronics.

The part of the discussion I enjoyed was that which covered single-ended versus balanced lines. He also explains things like single-ended and balanced connections, negative feedback, dynamic range, power cords, grounding, biwiring and quite a bit more. Still, it rewlity an area that Rozenblit has studied and in which he can be considered an expert. Audio Reality by Bruce Rozenblit. Still, I find the title realit to a book that recommends common sense and frugality as rozenblkt virtues in a hobby as weird, farcical, and irrational as Audio can be at times.

You can find this item in: We also noticed that you have an account on Bookworld. Perhaps an Audio Reality 2 will surface in the future. Newsletter Be the first to know, sign up for our newsletter: Some comments will ruffle your feathers, particularly in regard to cables.

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