Virtually Mint AT Tube Microphone. Incredible for recording acoustic guitars, electric amplifiers, and rich, full instrumentation. Comes with suspension clip. Audio-Technica AT Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone. The AT is a fixed-cardioid tube condenser that operates on phantom power. Unlike most. Get the guaranteed best price on Tube Microphones like the Audio-Technica AT Tube Condenser Microphone at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and.

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The capsule is a large-diaphragm electret type. According to Audio-Technica, the tube was shockmounted inside the microphone auudio reduce noise from mechanical vibration. Cardioid Polar Pattern The capsule features a cardioid polar pattern which effectively minimizes audio signal and noise at the off-axis sections of the microphone.

Write a review fzayacyyreuruvffcquubtstuutqbcvvvyfq. What struck me the most about the AT was its retro sound that came across no matter what [mic]pre was in use.

AT Cardioid Phantom-powered Tube Microphone (DISCONTINUED) || Audio-Technica

While it may not have the sonic coloration of classic tube microphones, the AT has a rich, detailed sound that proved beneficial to almost everything I put it in front of. The capsule features a cardioid pick-up pattern which is effective against minimizing audio at the off-axis sections of the microphone.


The cardioid condenser microphone features individually techncia, hand selected tubes that provide a warm, analog saturated signal on output. Uses National LM charge pump chips to twchnica filament voltage.

The Audio Technica AT provides valve tube microphone technology to both project and professional recordists. Home Pro Audio Recording fzayacyyreuruvffcquubtstuutqbcvvvyfq. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Be the first to review this item. Included Shock-Mount The capsule and tube assembly are both internally shock-mounted, however the AT elastic microphone mount is included. Instead it uses a miniature low-current tube developed for use in hearing aids…. Although the AT has a tiny valve, the sound is anything but tiny… the mic does manage to sound warm, with plenty of density in the lower mid-range where voices often need support.

Warm Tube Sound The AT Tube Microphone features individually tested, hand selected tubes providing analog warmth and rich detail, at an affordable price point. This model is likely to be based on this patent: No Dedicated Power Supply The microphone does not require any external power supplies. An external elastic shock mount is included. Closer listening shows up a fairly steeply falling response below about Hz, which tended to make male vocals sound a little too thin unless miked very close.


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Audio-Technica AT – Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone

The AT is a fixed-cardioid tube condenser that operates on phantom power. No Longer Tedhnica Update Location close. The lift between 1. See any errors on this page?

The head-grille houses a large diaphragm capsule providing high sensitivity and smooth audio detail while maintaining a low noise floor. The tube is a subminiature Raytheon triode, said to be hand-selected and individually tested and aged by Audio-Technica staff prior to installation.

The tube assembly and diaphragm are elastically mounted for even further protection against damage and audik born noise. Unlike most tube microphones, no external tube power supply is needed. Reviews 0 Write a review. The patent drawing shows the charge pumps wired incorrectly. Requires phantom power Phantom voltage: Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

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