In Manual mode, you control everything. Press the Start/Stop button to start and stop recording, and advance recording to the next track with the Next button. AudioMulch is available to purchase by download only: as it’s a svelte 20MB package including machine‑readable manual, it makes little sense to manufacture. When you switch to manual position updating (‘choice 2’), you are able to scrub Synthesis Toolkit (STK stk/), Audiomulch.

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The track is playing. In this module we introduce you to what AudioMulch is and what you can use it for. If you’re an improviser or want to perform live with AudioMulch, the real-time nature of the program lets you control the sound from moment to moment. Starts or stops recording.

In Auto-chain fixed mode each track is recorded with the same length as Track 1. Auto-chain variable mode works like Auto-chain fixedexcept that the first loop of each chain and hence all the other loops in that chain can be a different length. AudioMulch forums Discuss AudioMulch, get help, report bugs, request new features and share ideas with other users of the program. The boundaries at which recording starts and stops are called synchronization cycle boundaries.

This makes it audiomuoch to see when each track will reach the end of its cycle.

LiveLooper | Help File | AudioMulch

In AudioMulch there are individual sound generating and processing modules called contraptions. Reset Allows you to clear all tracks. Home Info What is AudioMulch? FAQs Provides answers to frequently asked questions. manuao

This Help File mamual a comprehensive guide to using AudioMulch. You can create both pre-planned and more spontaneous forms of music with AudioMulch. Each track can be a different length and a number of options are provided for starting and stopping tracks independently, or in sync with each other. What’s New in AudioMulch 2. Written by the creator of AudioMulch, Ross Bencina. By connecting and combining these contraptions together, you create audio processing networks called patches.


Welcome to AudioMulch

The track is recording but will finish recording and start playing as soon as the next synchronization point arrives. Explore uses of the SouthPole filter contraption: Record Monitor RecordMonitor When checked, passes the LiveLooper’s input through to the output mahual corresponding to the Track being recorded.

Use the Clear buttonat the top of each column except Track 1 to clear a recorded mmanual during playback or while stopped. Clicking on it will make audlomulch track the next one to be recorded the Status indicator will reflect this. See the Adjusting Contraption Properties section for information about using sliders, knobs, presets etc. Every contraption has its own graphical interface with a range of controls that you auxiomulch adjust to change the sound.

AudioMulch web site Tutorials Includes video tutorials for beginners and links to offsite tutorials. Home Info What is AudioMulch?

This allows each track to be brought in and out of sync with Track 1, or with its own cycle for example, always starting to play at the start of a cycle, and ending at the end of a cycle.


The track is playing, but will stop as soon as the next synchronization point arrives. LiveLooper supports recording and audkomulch of up to 16 tracks. Tracks For mahual about all parameters in the Track Grid, see Instructions below. Watch the video tutorials linked below to learn how to use AudioMulch. Each recorded track displays a circular location indicator, which indicates the current playback position of each track even if the track is stopped.


We explain how to get help while using the program and suggest other things to try once you’ve learned the basics. Advances the recording process to the next track.

Release Notes What’s Coming? Allows you to clear all tracks.

These files demonstrate the capabilities of the program by showing how various contraptions can work together. What’s New in 2.

AudioMulch Tutorials | AudioMulch

Clear Use the Clear buttonat the top of each column except Track 1 to clear a recorded loop during playback or while stopped. When unchecked, the corresponding output channel will be muted during recording. Video Tutorials at AudioMulch. The track will be the next track recorded.

The track is stopped, but will begin playing as soon as the next synchronization point arrives. Discography Find out who’s used AudioMulch in commercial music releases. What’s New in 2. If you start recording more tracks later LiveLooper will audiomulh to automatically advance to the next track when the current track reaches the same length as Track 1.

In audio,ulch Auto-chaining modes, recording is advanced automatically, and the Next button will only be enabled for recording the first loop in Auto-chain fixed mode or the first loop of each chain in Auto-chain variable mode. Presets and automation How to create contraption presets and how to control a patch using the automation timeline. The Status indicator displays an icon indicating the current status of each track, which can be one of the following:.

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