The silly thing is that by default the settings for OLE objects are such that they might not plot. Here’s how: Have an excel spread sheet saved. That’s one of the reasons I avoid using OLE objects. Unfortunately your version of AutoCAD is too old to have the Table > DataLink feature that. The Object Inserted into AutoCAD is an OLE, and I can not get this to PLOT. I do know if you insert the Object as a TIFF or a JPEG it will Plot.

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Now we all know. Are you printing to PDF use Adobe?

I misunderstood wutocad, then! Are your plotter drivers up to date, if its okay on the inkjet but not on the plotter then I would suggest its the plotter and not settings in Acad. Email required Address never made public. Had you not posted the link, I would not have found this little tidbit.

Aaahh one of those self appointed genious types, I know the type. I can now trace around Fields, Sites, using Polylines and if the polyline nkt closed, I can accurately find the Area of sites. This article raised hope for me it still does not work. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Did I mention I’ve been struggling all day??? You are commenting using your Twitter account. I deal a lot with Maps for land registry, building sites, planning permission etc.


It’s not a matter of importance any more, just my pride. I will email you pdf if you have time to look at it.

Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

We had an issue with OLE objects in our case an excel sheet that would shift itself down when plotting, the workaround we found was to check the “plot upside down” button and everything plotted fine from there. If you can then send me a pm with your email address, then I will convert the pdf to an image file and email it to you, I would post it on here but Nt expect the file size would be too high.

I tried to take screen shots, but my computer locked up. I haven’t managed to convert pdf to an image file with the pixels going berserk, although what we have done is printed the pdf and scanned it as a jpeg and inserted it auotcad way, it objectt be worth a try I guess.

I don’t mess much with CTB and pen styles. This site uses cookies. If so, from there you should be able to print it properly to any other printer or plotter.

Anything you can think of in the Plot dialog box? The auocad of the jpeg is autocda mb. May 18, at 9: I too tried AutoTable at one point but it did not do what I needed. Is there another method to save jpeg in the layout tab? I am trying to embed a picture but have no succes untill. Notice my pdf is portrait orientation. I just want to save the file as 1.


Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

Do you think you could walk me thru how you would handle importing a PDF graphic to be a visible, plottable object in a drawing?? I’m going to see if I can duplicate that effort today, and resize the drawing to be close to “d” size. If I test it in the center of the page, no distortion.

September 10, at 9: PasteSpecial I believe – as an enhanced Metafile I have tried everything, linking, not linking, pasting it on a Word. I save the Image as a. What has me the most puzzled is why image shows on my printer, but not my plotter. I want to be able to say I figured it out. Looking at other threads although not Acad: I have a pdf, opened in Acrobat, put noot clipboard as a graphic.

By all means email me the pdf and I will be happy to convert it for you, you never know it nto work out. Late yesterday I tried plotting my drawing without changing to landscape, and it showed up on the plotter, but the size was all wrong. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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