Connecting the AUTODOME camera to the PC. AUTODOME IP HD. Table of Contents | en. 3. Bosch Security Systems. Operation Manual. | The white AUTODOME Series VGEPC4 Full HD Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera with Pendant Mount & Clear Acrylic Bubble (NTSC) from. The white AUTODOME Series VGC2PT4 IP In-Ceiling PTZ IP Dome Camera with Tinted Bubble (NTSC) from Bosch is an easy to install.

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Via web browser such as Internet Explorer version 7.


As well as password protection with three levels, Tracking and detection reliability can be enhanced further with virtual masking for scenes with a lot of background autodomr such as trees or other objects creating constant motion in the scene. The NEMA 4X rating for the housing signifies that it offers protection to personnel atuodome the following: Video management system support The camera ships with Bosch Video Client BVCan easy-to-use software from Bosch that is suitable for midsize installations.

Easy upgrade Remotely upgrade the camera whenever new firmware becomes available. Recorded tours — two 2 Preset tour — one 1consisting of up to scenes, consecutively.

Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton Jan 21, In this mode, users can click an object moving in the live video image to enable autofome camera to track sutodome movement of the selected object.


The housing features recessed screws and latches for increased tamper resistance. Tracking and detection reliability can be enhanced further with virtual masking for scenes with a lot of background motion such as trees or other objects creating constant motion in the scene.

This Intelligent Tracking is based on robust flow detection algorithms, which can reliably track moving objects even under challenging scenes. Access Security Various security levels are available for accessing the network, camera, and data channels. Video Channel Watch tutorials, how-to’s, and other videos produced for your convenience.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


No Longer Available Update Location close. It also provides direct network video streaming using H. The modules are designed to operate over the entire optical loss budget range, so they do not require a minimum loss in order to operate. This ensures up-to-date products, thus protecting autodoke with little effort.

This mode is most useful for scenarios where normally no motion is expected.

Bosch VG57028C1PC4 AUTODOME 7000 IP PTZ Dome Camera

Images under these conditions may have a yellowish tint, which may make identification difficult. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Total 7 2 x supervised 5 x non-supervised Programmable for normally open or normally closed. Autodmoe mode is most useful for scenarios where normal scene activity is expected.

Progressive Scan The camera is suited for IP imaging applications. Optical Distance Specifications Specified transmission distances are limited to the optical loss of the fiber and any additional loss introduced by connectors, splices, and patch panels.


Bosch AutoDome 7000 IP VG5-7028-E2PC4 – network surveillance camera

Access to Hazardous parts Ingress of solid foreign objects falling dirt, circulating dust, settling dust Ingress of water dripping and light splashing, hosedown and splashing Corrosive agents Operating Temp. Everything you need to know about home security cameras Start here if you’re on the hunt for a DIY home security camera. This allows users to mask background motion in the autodomd such as moving trees, pulsating lights, busy roads, etc.

Nest’s 4K camera has the specs, but few will want to pay. This combination of robust IVA and Intelligent Tracking allows the camera to track moving objects of interest without getting distracted by other moving objects in the scene.

Continuous recording of video and audio. As the camera is zoomed, each mask changes size smoothly and quickly, ensuring that the covered object cannot autoodme seen in most cases. Via Web browser such as Internet Explorer version 7.

Users can configure the preset standard tour with as many as sequential pre-positions, with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions. Ultra-small design for easy installation and limited space.

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