Auxetic textiles comprise a class of extraordinary materials that increase in size when stretched and are being considered in many applications of technical. Read article about Article By L. Preethi & A. Sahana, Auxetic Textiles, Unique Materials That Exhibit Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Auxetic Textiles Possess High. This paper deals with Auxetic textiles that is been developed as a smart materials to meet the high demand in the fields of technical textile. These materials show.

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The open area of the fabric-C for a range of strains was measured by loading a series of images into Image J software.

When the fabric is extended along the course direction, the width in the warp direction increases. In this 3D warp knitted spacer fabric two face layers are joined together by monofilament spacer yarns as middle layer.

Auxetic Textiles

In order to realize the geometry of double arrowheads ajxetic fabrics were produced by employing two components, one as the auxetic component and the other as the stabilizing component. Caddock B, Evans K. The knitting technique employed was a combination of relief and transfer structures as shown in Figure 19a. However, this factor is not taken into consideration in the geometrical analysis.

They have used hand weaving loom to produce three kinds of woven fabrics with the HAY in weft direction. Verma P et al.

A novel method to produce auxetic polyester fibres have been reported by Ravirala N et al. As far as weave structure is concerned no doubt all the auxstic have different weave structure and float length.

Auxetic fabrics Auxetic knitted fabrics: This is due texfiles the fact that larger tricot courses lead to longer a 1 length of vertical rib values. Similarly, the elasticity of the fibres of the stabilizing component must be sufficiently high as compared to the resistance of the fibres of the auxetic component to rotation, which will make the stabilizing component to act as a return spring forcing the auxetic component back to its original shape when the stress on the fabric is removed.


The major advantages of warp knitting textilrs its versatility and its high production speed. To achieve this auxetic property, it is required to employ a high elastic yarn in the basic structure.

There should be a notable difference in stiffness between the three components, i. It is known that textiles with net structures are the more preferred materials and geometry for composites. The technical data of the auxehic needle-punched nonwoven fabrics is shown in Table 1. Figure 17 Auxetic fabric formed with pseudo-reentrant hexagonal structure.

While the section textilles ridges form the upper and lower horizontal sides of each reentrant hexagon, two lateral sides effect is achieved due to shrinkage of the float elastic yarns on the back of the fabric. As explained previously, the interlock structure was used to connect the two neighboring pinstripes. Journal of Materials Science Letters. Thus, a method was developed for quantifying the geometrical structural unit cell of the auxetic structure based on measured parameters, namely, a 1a 2h and c shown in Figure 2.

The knitting pattern is shown in Figure 13a. Testiles of Aerospace Engineering. In this regard, when designing an auxetic fabric with this kind of structure, the number of courses and wales in a unit cell should be taken into consideration.

It is noted that the mark will move away from the jaw edge textoles slippage occurred. This ability makes them very attractive for various applications where shape fitting is highly required. The geometrical parameters have an obvious effect on the yextiles behavior. Additionally, the technology to develop the auxetic materials specially fabrics on larger scale needed to be developed as most of the fabrics up till today are produced on laboratory scale.


Firstly, the use of auxetic fibre or yarn to fabricate the auxetic woven as well as knitted fabrics.

Engineered Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics

Composites Science and Technology. Therefore, the DHY yarns should be woven out of register to maximise the auxetic behaviour. Designer auxetic viscoelastic sandwich column materials tailored to minimize creep buckling failure probabilities and prolong survival times.

This may result in the reduction of the stability of the structure. Attard D, Grima JN. The result was discarded and another sample taken if the specimen slipped in the jaws broke at the edge of or in the jaws, or zuxetic test results fell markedly below the average for the set of specimens.

The textile structure was woven using a plain weave, with the textiless being the DHY and the warp being auxstic meta-aramid fibre approx dtex. It is found that all of the fabrics have the auxetic effect, which decreases with increasing strain in the course direction.

Schematic of geometrical model auxetkc the Structure. In addition, the thickness of the fabrics also has a significant influence on the auxetic effect. In this convectional structure, the wale moves past one another during fabric deformation in the wale direction causing the warp knit fabric and its varying size between vertical ribs ab and de within the net to decrease.

Alderson A, Evans KE.

Auxetic Textiles | Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science | NC State University

An auxetic woven textile akxetic to be used as reinforcement for composite was produced by Miller W et al. The ribs were named as short ribs and long ribs. Figure 18 a Triangular or double arrowhead auxetic topology b stitch pattern for fabric with open and closed loop stitches c stitch pattern for fabric with tricot stitches.

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