Advanced Edition and Customer Call Reporter (CCR) are NOT supported on Avaya IP Office R systems. Existing Advanced Edition. Migrate Your Nortel BCM to Avaya IP Office! IP Office CCR (Customer Call Reporter). IP Office Customer Call Reporter is a server based contact centre product designed explicitly IP Office CCR provides a good set of basic monitoring tools. Just installed CCR, everyting seems to be installed as it should. When the installation finised, th server opens the folowing URL.

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I was getting the same thing. This is a very useful feature as now a supervisor can divide their responsibilities into different views and compare the results of those views.

For the Dashboard, the Presented Call statistic will be available in all the same graphs where the Answered Call statistics is available. Contact Us About Telefonix.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter is a server based contact centre product designed explicitly for small businesses. Customized, automated self-help menus allow customers to place or changes orders, chieck status of shipments and more!

An address is entered during installation when the administrator account is avzya created. For the release of IP Office R6, Customer Call Reporter now provides a browser based wallboard that can be used in businesses who want to display key statistics in a group area, such as on an LCD television screen. Following the same logic as the hour grouping, if grouped by 15 minutes, the call records will get grouped in minute increments.

Didn’t matter how many times I tried the odfice, it just wouldn’t work on that box. I just removed that and replced with HTTP: Manage campaign performance — Growing businesses can get real-time insights into how marketing campaigns are performing so resources can be adjusted in necessary to maximize investment.

Personal Service Telefonix pay the utmost attention to going the extra mile to help you understand technology and to make your technology acquisition a transparent, comfortable one, backed up by as much information as you need and as many demonstrations as you should ever want.


It does not include direct calls to agents. Coaching intrusion is primarily a call centre feature, supporting interruption or inclusion of a supervisor on a live call to talk to an agent without the far end caller listening to the conversation. A dialog box will then provide a list of supervisor accounts that can receive the template.

Look in the SQL and see if there is an Administrator. Telefonix Jobs Discover Telefonix.

The alarm and warning settings for this new statistic will range from 1 to Create a caller identification report to see where the most or fewest calls originate from by area code, country code, prefix, etc. Drawing upon the latest web and design technologies, IP Office Customer Call Reporter introduces significant new capabilities to effectively and efficiently manage a single-site call centre environment. How am I supposed to login? Supervisor Report Template Copy A report template can be copied from one supervisor account to another one.

Fixed by refresh a couple, and had to move to another server on another occassion. An agent’s productivity and efficiency will be measured by the parameters laid down for lost calls, answered calls, minimum talk time, and maximum talk time.

ogfice Similarly, if 30 minutes grouping is selected, then call records ofcice get in minute increments. View agent status — Customer service reps and supervisors can get real-time information on call queues, hold times, agent status and more to help ensure customers are always being serviced quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Thank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. See how many calls have been taken over a period of time, the length of calls, and more Set and adjust thresholds to trigger alarms to suit changing objectives and campaign targets Schedule automatic report delivery in preferred formats Detailed, actionable data helps Supervisors schedule staffing for peak times, provide relevant agent training including recording and archiving of calls for later avaa and to improve overall business performance.


IP Office CCR

I think it is in TBO. Officf system talk outbound average time is the average of all of the Advanced Edition agents’ outbound average call cvr times System Talk Inbound Average Statistic: For example, assume that a call center supervisor is responsible for the following hunt groups in IP Office; Computer SalesMonitor SalesWarranty Serviceand non-Warranty service. If the “OK” button is pressed, the copying will take place and the dialog box will close when the copying is done.

Demo Spend some time with us going over your project in detailmake sure it does exactly what you need.

In its native web server environment the IP Office Customer Call Reporter can be simply installed onto a single server without the need for any client software deployment. The agent will be able to hear both the caller and ofice supervisor. The following parameter settings are available for Agent Productivity factor calculation:.

Calls can be easily cxr securely retrieved from any PC. If the “Cancel” button is pressed, the dialog box will close and the copying will not occur. Customizable Reports — Customer Service Supervisor offers easily customized reports to display specific information that is most relevant to the business:.

CCR login? – Avaya: IP Office – Tek-Tips

In addition to this, the wallboard can also be customized with the company’s logo and colours. According to the manual, I should be redirected to a site where i could create my new admin account, but that never happens. I dont offics to choose my IPO, my username or anything during setup. Any deviation from the set parameters will have an effect on the total productivity of an agent.

Presented Call statistics are available for system, queues and agents. It does include direct calls. I’ve had it a couple of times.

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