Avidyne Entegra is an integrated aircraft instrumentation system, produced by Avidyne Corporation, consisting of a primary flight display (PFD), and. Release 3 and Later Installation Manual (), () P/N Rev 04 Installation Manual P/N Rev 04 Document. Entegra PFD Series. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general.

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The antenna position setting and stabilization source must agree with the WX jumper setting and the physical mounting location of the antenna. AC B, Recommended Radiation Safety, sets forth recommended enegra safety precautions to be taken by personnel when operating airborne weather radar on the ground. Display of traffic sensor data is not a guarantee of correct traffic sensor installation and configuration.

EXP5000 Downloads

Traffic System Configuration Options The error may clear. Trademarks Avidyne and the Avidyne logo are trademarks of Avidyne Corporation.

It is extremely important that the 0. Connect inner and outer shield to sensor connector metallic backshell grounding screw with solder or crimp terminal ring. Radar Setup Page Note: With both 2-Way Datalink and Broadcast Datalink systems installed, the MFD can provide Avidyne’s unique MultiLink features, which include text messaging, flight tracking, and enhanced weather coverage. The MFD may be wired to the aircraft dimming bus to control front panel LED brightness via the cockpit panel brightness control.


It can also cause an intermittent connection, which will result in an unsuccessful data update. Press Enter to accept the new values.

Prevents autopilot-induced stalls and overspeeds—which have previously been a major contributing factor in GA accidents—when the autopilot is engaged. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

If Broadcast Datalink does not connect because the XM trial period has expired, call Heads Up Technologies at to activate the account for testing. After saving avkdyne configuration, this section is complete. If the value is out of range, repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 of this section.

Warranty & Support

Entegra Release 9 system was designed with a fully redundant dual-databus architecture that eliminates traditional “Reversionary Modes. From the Maintenance Mode page, select System Info.

One of the advantages of these glass flight deck systems is upgradeability. The article may be installed only if the installation is performed in accordance with Part 43 or the applicable airworthiness requirements. Default port assignments must match the wiring diagrams shown in Appendix F: Any Product that has been repaired by Avidyne or replaced by Avidyne under this warranty will be subject to remainder of the original warranty term applicable to the repaired or replaced Product or will be warranted under the warranty terms above for ninety days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever period is longer.

The selection page is displayed: To allow for separation from transmitters, you can place the XM antenna as close as possible to these types of antennas. The Maintenance Mode Page displays.


See the operating guide for the Lightning Sensor for more information. These cables provide a simplified connection to the pre-existing wiring. When the system opens in calibration mode, all Fault fields will flash briefly. Suggested Two-Way Datalink Antennas The final list of affected PFDs may differ based on the results of Avidyne’s investigation.

The Radar Setup page will now display the options for the installed radar system. Connecting Heading Source through Synchro Exp000 During the flight scenarios, the student demonstrates his or her grasp of the material by correctly selecting the appropriate PFD func-tion sand avivyne correctly answering operational questions. If the value is out of range, repeat step R.

Monitor the dimming bus voltage on the MFD below ecp5000 selection boxes. The following commercially available antennas are acceptable: Configure Broadcast as follows: Analog radar—P1- control and data lines: Proceed to step S.

Avidyne Entegra – Wikipedia

Avidyne has demonstrated this with a continuous stream of ep5000 and software upgrades, [1] including:. It is important that the student successfully completes each lesson before moving on to the next. From the Radar Setup Page, select the radar sensor installed on this aircraft.

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