AS AxTrax Software Installation and User Guide. Page ii .. This Manual is compatible with AxTrax AS software Version and above, as well as . Setting ACIP Panel Type in AxTraxNG. the device. Settings are then stored in non-volatile memory on the device (see the AxTraxNG Software Manual ). other format supported by Rosslare’s AxTraxNG. Software Rosslare’s AxTraxNG software. ▫ Backed by Rosslare’s Various, please refer to AxTraxNG manual.

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You will be rated on the axtraxn areas and these results will form your final rating: We get this with fans with dots who warn Star’Going the main rounds of glory and their ia in ta.

At this step we assume that you have followed the instructions in 4. License plates tilted horizontally can be detected. If a different camera view already exists in this frame, the new video takes its place. Define the Reader on the Controller Web Interface 4.

Network window Modem Network Options tab 5. If you have a webcam installed, click the Webcam icon to take a picture from the Webcam for the user profile. Set the duration following which when the door is forced open, an event occurs.

You can select an event in the monitor window, and GV-ASManager will play back the camera view recorded at the time of the event. Or, right-click on a user level User or Supervisorand then select Find Specific Account for a quick search. Adds, deletes, edits and searches vehicles.

  GS08 E C E C U PDF

Click the buttons to map each field of GV-ASManager database to a corresponding field of the source database. For more information, see Network Configuration, page Release All Doors by Card: The installation process begins see Figure 8.

AX-NG AxTraxNG™ PC Client/Server Management Software | Rosslare Security Products

Document Conventions We use the following More information. If fingerprint data failed to upload to the controllers, click Sync GeoFinger to re-upload the selected fingerprint data.

Figure Select an axtrang from the list. The input and output connections for the panel The panel’s hardware version Refer to AC Hardware manual for further details. The default command port is Data Port: To assign a schedule template from TA Template, select an employee or a group of employees and click Assign Template. To add one monitoring window, click Monitoring on the menu bar.

You can also search visit records from the past by axtrang the Search function under Demands For Visit section. Doors that are interlocked cannot be open at the same time.

On the Access Monitor or Alarm Monitor window, click the desired event.

Rosslare AC-525 Hardware Installation And User’s Manual: Axtrax As-525

Download the entire Panels Failed database. Type the connection information of the overview camera and click OK. To access live views from multiple IP devices, see 5. To export card data: No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic. Clear the Every year checkbox, to set a mwnual for one-time setting of the beginning and end of daylight saving time.


The Adding a New Vehicle dialog box appears with the detected license plate number Figure Configuring a Channel 1. This section uses an example to describe how to create an access group and assign the criteria of the access group to a card.

Recognition upon motion will only be triggered when motion is detected on the line. For your convenience, record More information.

The patrol card user may have the privilege to stop alarm sounds and clear alarm events during patrolling. Set Up Visitor Data: Click the TA Holiday icon.

On the menu bar, click Setup and select Areas. Creates and edits a database of user information. To see how to customize the fields, see Customizing a Data Field. Leave Requests and Approvals With just a single click of the mouse, employees instantly submit their leave request and those requests are routed to reporting officer and HR’s window.

In the Period field, type a number between 1 and 45 to indicate the number of days in the schedule. Reproduction in any manner. Kevin Bryant 2 years ago Views: Set Antipassback and event filtering for this panel, and then click Test.

Assign one of these privileges to the user: The connection dialog box appears. A high priority message has an exclamation point next to it.

Set the user s authorization level to Supervisor or User. Click the User Define tab.

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