New York Times: Babel No More is “gripping,” “entertaining,” “informative”. Here’s the review from the Times. (Graphic by Ian Adelman). Babel No More by Michael Erard is described on the front cover as “the search for the world’s most extraordinary language learners.” The book. Among the most surprising qualities of “Babel No More,” Michael Erard’s globe- trekking adventure in search of the world’s virtuosos of.

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On the way he uncovers the secrets of historical figures like the nineteenth-century Italian cardinal Joseph Mezzofanti, who was said to speak seventy-two languages, as well as those of living language-superlearners such as Alexander Arguelles, a modern-day polyglot who knows dozens of languages and shows Erard the tricks of the trade to give him a n glimpse into the life of obsessive language acquisition.

Without giving away too much of the ending, one of the conclusions is that there is no miracle method for studying languages. I sometimes THINK about how to manipulate people because its a fun game and you can imagine people as black boxes and bavel can poke them or put them in situations to see what they do As a person who enjoys language and the learn This book quickly began at 5 stars for me, but dropped to three by the end. I use my Latin all the time to help me translate Romance languages when I’m traveling or skimming websites that dont have English translations because I dont trust google translate.

I’ll always want to learn more languages but its nice to settle down with a language for a while. Erard writes on pp. A better editor or more thorough edi Diminishing returns on this book.

The final conclusion yes, some people are more likely to be able to learn languages, but you still have to put in the babbel work was not a surprise, but I didn’t find his way of reaching that conclusion mcihael enlightening. To get the benefit, you actually have to chew gum as you are studying; for some reason you can’t merely move your jaw up and down.

I could not put this book down. How did your experience at The University of Texas at Austin shape your interests in becoming an author and studying linguistics? But what I’ve come to realize is that I enjoy having a home.


Babel No More eBook by Michael Erard | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The final conclu I have mixed feelings about this book. Such people aren’t parrots. In researching this book he set out to investigate the phenomenon that he refers to excruciatingly, in my view as “hyperpolyglottery”. Part scientific detective story, part travelogue, part valentine to anyone who’s ever hoped to sprechen or parler something other than a mother tongue, Babel No More takes us all over the world to look at language learning in an entirely new way.

However, as the author comes into contact with brain researchers, and IMO hampered by his own admitted “positivism”, here expressed by a need to use numerical data to squeeze meaning out of case study, we digress into a number of speculations about the functioning of the brain, accompanied by in case the author is reading, I apologize quite sincerely, but it must be said possibly the most awkward descriptive model of locations within the human brain, ever.

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For the few hyperpolyglots he meets, the portraits are sketchy, showing the time commitment bo learning The author has notes, interviews, research, studies and contacts to help him study the fascinating group of people he calls hyperpolyglots – those who have mastered 7 languages or more. They In the tradition of the bestsellers Word Freak and The Language Instinct comes a fascinating exploration of linguistic superlearners whose abilities shed light on the intellectual potential in us all.

A Q&A with Michael Erard, Author of “Babel No More”

I want to learn a bit of French and German to be useful in translating since the countries are closeby. I worked to translate JPOP songs and listened to them nonstop on the bus to school. But where the book bogs down, and thus losing the other star comes nearer the end, where contradictions begin to arise. The babdl does come up with some answers to the questions of how advanced language learners are able to acquire their abilities.

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Babel No More : The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners

The results of his research are frankly disappointing. I am no polyglot myself but I have studied a fair few languages and have a fascination with them, and have done John McWorter’s three linguistics courses on The Great Courses.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. By studying a number of hyperpolyglots, he hopes to gain insight into the process of language acquisition. Part scientific detective story, part travelogue, part valentine to anyone who’s ever hoped to “sprechen” or “parler” something other than a mother tongue, “Babel No More” takes us all over the world to look at language learning in an entirely new way.


Having access to the library collections was a huge influence too. How many languages can one person learn? Mode there are some interesting anecdotes, this book is a missed opportunity to report on these unique language learners.

And i loved that. The author’s research is a compilation of internet surveys which would have little merit if there were to be a peer review. Really, we’re speaking less of people who learn well, so much as people who learn many languages, followed by argument about how well these “Hyperpolyglots” learn, how deeply abbel learn, and to what end.

Both were then surprised that his Erard writes on pp.

What are some interesting techniques hyperpolyglots employ when teaching themselves new languages? My everyday life and routine includes foreign languages so its hard NOT to pick them up Want to Read saving…. Rather, their accomplishments serve as a point of reference for the rest of us–in some ways they are what the author calls a gifted neural tribe, absorbing language for reasons, and with methods, mpre few people would emulate.

And some people fuck around by learning a lot quickly but with no intention of letting it stick or sticking around. Some people flirt by learning phrases and words but never committing. Drinking two cups of coffee increases neuronal activity in the frontal lobe, where working memory is controlled, and in the anterior cingulum, where attention is controlled.

Reading about the more specific brain areas and differences that might be involved in hyper language learninh was fascinating!

He also delves into the whole question of how do you define if someone is a hyperpolyglot? Best regards, Jacquelyn Kaufmann Poarch. May 30, Jess rated it it was amazing.

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