Book Review Backlash: The undeclared war against women was a nonfiction book published in by Susan Faludi. I picked this book because I thought it. An account of the ‘war’ against women, the insidiously manipulated political and cultural backlash against the hard-won equality and independence which. Susan Faludi is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, and it shows. Backlash ( subtitled The Undeclared War Against American Women) is punchy.

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Faludi takes on the 80s, decade of big hair, bad music, and, she claims, a new kind of backlash against feminism.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. One of the biggest strengths of this book is Faludi’s emphasis not only on the words of the people she interviews but their actions.

Backlash by Susan Faludi

Nothing screams “frivolous” louder in a meeting than over-manicured nails. Faludi was inspired to write Backlash after investigating the statistics behind a Newsweek cover story that reported on a Harvard-Yale study detailing the bleak marital prospects for single, educated career women. Retrieved from ” https: I had to put it down for a while because I couldn’t handle it all in one dose. Because 20 years later we still: Some anecdotes were outright frightening, especially in the reproductive rights chapter, and I have no idea how cruel some people can get like in the Angela Carder Case.

One of the best feminist tomes of all time. She is the author of Backlash: Now at age 40 I’d like to read it again to see if it still applies. In the final chapter, Faludi relates the story of Randall Terrythe founder of Operation Rescuean activist anti-abortion group, and discusses the unspoken sub-text of the right-to-life campaign — the shifting of the balance of sexual power and “the patriarch ‘s eclipsed ability to make the family decisions” These willfully fictitious media campaigns added up to an antifeminist Backlash.


It stands as the most introspective book on feminism since “Against Our Will”. No doubt the conscious part may have been a fact in some cases, but I would rather argue that most of the actions, laws and so on negatively affecting the feminist cause were products of a change in opinions and climate.

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women

Sadly, it’s also hard to think what has changed for the better, on either side of the Atlantic, since Faludi wrote susn – not that much, might be a good guess. Seeing a pattern emerge, Faludi wrote Backlash, which was released in late The result is a rich and juicy read, informed by powerful logic and moral clarity.

Shops actually took suits off the shelves and basic pants so you had fzludi choice about what to buy. Plus, it is still sadly relevant today, and it is probably worth revisiting almost twenty years later to fludi whether anything has changed.

While I would love to see a follow up edition with current statistics as those presented her are over 20 years old, I would backlsah surprised if things had changed for the better as one might have hoped. It existed, at least in part, to shame the majority of women who participate in the workplace or otherwise “do not comply” with a strict stay-at-home narrative into compliance.

For a woman to work is to erode her best qualities, to year by year become more and more a portrait of a neurotic breakdown; to not only disintegrate, but to disintegrate messily and witchily. There was also their fear of their jobs being taken over by women.


Open Preview See a Problem?

This book is a document of abcklash at least some women’s health, mental health, and even lives were compromised to keep them at home with children, away from birth control, away from jobs, especially those coveted by men. This is a must read – a brilliant and upsetting account of feminism. Throughout the eighties she wrote several articles on feminism and the apparent resistance to the movement.

As I don’t live in America, I was not familiar with the multitude of anecdotes and evidence presented in the book, but unsurprisingly I have backalsh the same arguments made by men and disappointingly, many women here in my country with regards to equal rights and feminism, they were just dressed up differently to suit our own situation.

Aug 15, Pages Buy. Susan Faludi is an American journalist and author, was born in The description in the book sometimes borders on conspiracy theory, and I’m not sure who the conspirators would be. Feminist activists and politicans have done more in support of American families than their conservative counterparts in terms of legislation.

Backlash by Susan Faludi | : Books

As she points out, it is a strange world in which we live where The Accused, a film that concludes that rape is wrong, can seriously be passed off as “a daring feminist statement”.

A backlash, yes, but not orchestrated and driven by individual actions. She notes that we are being told that feminism’s goals have been achieved, and young women no longer need to identify as feminists x. Aug 15, Pages.

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