mm. THE REGA BAERWALD ARC PROTRACTOR download this protractor at: designed by seb donate to his paypal account. Free Protractor To Align Your Turntable Cartridge! Baerwald, Stevenson, and others came along later, and each published alignment geometry equations. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. I wound up with.

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Your name or email address: Any tips on how I can get this right without tearing my hair out or driving the 75 miles back to Pittsburgh and asking the repair guy I bought it from to fix my mess?

However, the tan colored cells may easily be unlinked from the calculator simply by entering numbers into them.

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor

This time I’m going to go back up to Pittsburgh and put the setup back into the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment.

Stopped using the stabilizer, no difference. Depending on how well you align your sightline you may be way off. I used a paper Baerwald protractor and played a record all the baerald through and didn’t notice any distortion at all.


W ell, there’s no place like home.

You know you have it perfect when both points are perfect without moving the protractor. I wound up with the soundstage moved significantly bxerwald the right. Typically this can happen when pivot-to-spindle distances are made adjustable at the arm board, or if a different tonearm has been incorrectly installed to the turntable.

TerrySJan 29, Morgantown, West by God Virginia. The trick is to have the cartridge mounted so that the needle aligns perfectly on BOTH dots without moving the protractor. If you have to average the zenith between the two points, you don’t have the overhang correct. In effect the cartridge can’t be moved forward enough to reach the null point.

This weighted curve places more emphasis on tracking error for inner grooves than for outer grooves, which is representative of the actual distortion caused by tracking error. Do I just square the cartridge up in the grid and that’s it, or is there something else?

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

DarkAuditFeb 1, It is based upon the Baerwald calculations for minimum tracking error when using a pivoted tonearm. AntaresJan 29, Perhaps there will be inner grove tracking issues that will be better and I just need more time to identify them.

It takes time and patience to get it just right, but the results are worth it! As with the overhang adjustment, leave the fasteners just slack enough to make the rotation but snug enough to hold position.


Free Turntable Cartridge Alignment Protractor And Speed Discs

But the goal is to adjust the overhang so that the zenith angle is correct at both null points when the stylus is centered over the null point.

The method is different. Rpotractor, so how does the spreadsheet work? For example, suppose you wish to evaluate Steven Rochlin’s alignment tool, which has alignment null-points at approximately 70mm and mm.

I was first sent a defective cartridge so I got two opportunities to set prtractor up. However, if the protractor is paper, you may have to settle for aligning the cartridge body sides parallel to the grid since it will not be possible to get a visual fix between the grid and the cantilever. As always, if you have profractor questions please feel free to e-mail them to me.

Baerwald alignments result in longer overhang values. Log in or Sign up. Click here for cartridge alignment tool.

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