FRS™ SCREW FOREFOOT RECONSTRUCTION SYSTEM – Biomet · · FRS® Fusion and Reconstruction System Standard Staple. BAROUK Screw Developed by yntheses of small bones / fragments Threaded head can be countersunk. S.1 This easy to use fixation device has been. 2 Contents BAROUK Screw 2 FRS Screw 3 TWISTOFF Screw 4 MEMORY 12 and 20 Staples 5 VARISATION Staple 6 BAROUK Screw Surgical Technique 7.

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Foot and Ankle Solutions by Zimmer Biomet

Despite shortening, Z-shaped release of extensor muscles is often necessary. The direction of the cut should be adjusted according to the condition of the forefoot. In this application, the screw 1 is used to fix the plantar part 13 b of a metatarsal 13 which has first been cut longitudinally into two parts 13 a and 13 b and brought to bxrouk desired position. Screw according to claim 1characterized in that said means comprise a baroouk d 1 of the threading 7 of the distal part 5 slightly greater than the diameter d 2 of the root of the threading 3 of the proximal head 2and the fact that the diameter of the channel 8 is between 0.

Screa of basal osteotomy for raising of a middle metatarsal 5. Figure 3 Scarf cuts – Longitudinal cut On the medial aspect, it should parallel the proximal medial border, and therefore be oblique and directed anteriorly and dorsally.

Plates & Screws | Cannulated Screw System | Zimmer Biomet

The screw can be made of any suitable biocompatible material, such as a titanium alloy. Select the MEMORY staple size Using standard technique, the depth gauge allows the determination of the length of each arm of the staple. The cut is made horizontal and parallel to the sole. Prior to insertion, the legs of the staple should not be opened wider than 90 degrees because this modifies the mechanical and dynamic properties of the nickel-titanium srcew.

Cannulated screw systems for foot and ankle applications include: Acrew screw is thus obtained whose dimensions are sufficiently reduced in relation to the screw according to French Patent 2, to allow it to be used in osteotomies or fixation of fractures of small bones such as the middle metatarsals without any risk of causing these bones to break, and at the same time the screw retains sufficient strength to resist the stresses experienced during their period of use.


Method and apparatus for removable spinal implant extending between at least two adjacent vertebral bodies. Plates with locking compression technology Locking and cortex screws Instruments designed for use with mini fragment. We make it our mission to help restore mobility, alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients around the world by adopting and developing new technologies, by embracing our responsibilities and by always looking to the future for inspiration.

Foot and Ankle Solutions

Dedicated instruments for reconstructive foot surgery. We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that More information. Likewise, if the first metatarsal is actually small in size, as is the case in some patients, the cannulated screw with threaded head according to the aforementioned patent risks rupturing it.

None of these prior art screws can be used universally for osteotomy or fixation of fractures of small bones, in particular the metatarsals. It covers all morphotypes and largely corresponds to the different thicknesses of the metatarsals. Start display at page:. Technique Guide Orthopaedic Cable System. Insert proximal guide wire With the drill guide in proper position, insert the proximal guide wire to penetrate both the medial and lateral cortices Figure 5.

Distal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis of the lesser toes using the Barouk screw. Remove the second pin Figure 8.

A baeouk bit matching the screw diameter selected is used with a K-wire to prepare the screw hole Figure 3. It is an object of the invention to make available an osteosynthesis screw of the abovementioned type, for surgery of small bones or small bone fragments, which can be used in place of the two known screws discussed above, not only for any one of the five metatarsals, but also for osteotomies of small bones or small bone fragments, and for fixation of fractures in applications other than surgery of the foot, for example for bones of the hand.


Figure 6 Fixation is generally achieved by introducing a 0. Method and apparatus for providing posterior or anterior trans-sacral access to spinal vertebrae. The reduction in the diameter of this separable screw is obtained by virtue of the fact that it does not have a longitudinal channel running through for guiding a pin.

For closed-wedge varus femoral osteotomies. Figure 10 Step Drill the proximal hole first, penetrating both cortices. Bone conserving and strong fixation options for secure soft tissue reattachment. Place a temporary axial pin A temporary axial pin prevents displacement of the fragments when the staple is introduced. Thus, the screw according to the invention advantageously replaces the two screws—the cannulated one and the separable one—of the prior art set out above.

This is because the diameter of the threaded head of this screw at the threading root is very nearly 3 mm. To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use IFU for full prescribing and risk information, please callpress 4 for Technical Support.

The proximal cut is performed first, leaving the lateral cortex intact. Technology that Scrfw Zimmer Biomet understands the important role that you have in helping patients get back to a possible pain-free life. Screw according to one of claims 1 to 3characterized in that the external diameter d 1 of the threading 7 of the distal part 5 is between 2.

The stable result obtained with the FRS screw is such that early weight bearing and rapid functional rehabilitation are possible.

Position the second staple Using the same procedure, the second staple is put into position at the dorsal surface near the lateral margins of the first metatarsal and the first proximal phalanx. Multiple closure options Stable fixation abrouk all configurations Improved strength and flexibility compared to wire Modular.

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