Basil Lacroix – Book of Forbidden Knowledge download ebook pdf/epub the book of forbidden knowledge by basil crouch – This is the most. Author: Basil Crouch; Type: Book Review; Size: MB; Categories: Mystic and Occultism; This is the most dangerous book you will ever hold in you hands. The Power of the Logos aka The Egyptian Magic Box by Basil Crouch ( MB) The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil Crouch ( MB) Review Only.

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Universal Circle Summon absolutely ANY TYPE of spirit to full physical appearance, including angels, demons, gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, dead humans, and more.

The following are extracts from Mr Crouch’s introduction in the book, edited to fit this advertisement: Occult initiates will recognize that the mystery of the Mystical box is strong stuff, but that is no reason why it should not be made public. I can’t open it.

The Making of a God by Basil Crouch. This is the most dangerous book you will ever hold in you hands.

The power to make money. Dakota Freycinet marked it as to-read Mar 28, Papa Justify crouvh it as to-read Jun 21, Refresh and try again.

Adel marked it as to-read Apr 22, The data in this book is authentic, many of the ceremonies were undertaken by young female witches and male students of knowwledge occult, under the supervision of an Occult Master. Not anymore; all the information you need is here.


Andrew rated it it was ok Sep 09, His teachings excited alot of jealousy within Occult Societies who wanted this kind of thing kept secret.

Book of Forbidden Knowledge

Watch interviews of the most powerful magicians in the world, as they tell “war stories” and reveal closely-guarded occult secrets. The author ran his own coven for many years, his followers benefiting greatly from his knowledge.

Ahmad Zidan rated it did not like it Aug 12, The results they established, and which are recorded in this book, can be forbdiden by anyone, providing that they have the nerve, patience and the ability to carry out the written instruction exactly. Harmony Celestine marked it as to-read Croucy 20, Vesta Sandiford marked it as to-read Aug 21, In the late ‘s he masterminded ‘ coven-style ‘ Occult groups consisting of 6 or 7 women, reaching very advanced stages of development, like producing actual Apports using thoughtform entities, just mindblowing stuff.

Persons in ill health or suffering any mental illness should not have access to this book. This page contains only review and cover of book.

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge

Be warned this is a not fiction book it can lead into dark waters if the instructions are not followed. Robert Reid rated it liked it Oct 10, Through the doll the subconscious connects with Universal Mind. Treat croufh with care and understanding, use it to better you life, use it for become rich, better station in life, and if necessary use it to destroy your enemies. Willy Wol marked it as to-read Apr 30, I have watched them go from poverty to affluence in a matter of months.


Basil E. Crouch Library at Sacred Magick: The Esoteric Library

The only admonition in the authors text is not to reveal its contents or your magical work with dolls, lest you be thought mad or lest you lose the power. Create your own Attraction Movies – and manifest your ideal life! James Owiti marked it as forbidven Jan 14, Power over another person. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Andres Acevedo marked it as to-read Feb 21, James Carlo rated it really liked it Jul 12, Nana Blits rated it it was amazing Sep 12,

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