Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Half-Breeds (PDF) A Races of Renown Sourcebook for the d20 System Written by Owen (Not updated to the rules.). Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance.

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Xnd fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Hope you get a chance to playtest some bloodlinnes these! Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The races written up are interesting, albeit strange and exotic- but that’s the way Bloodlines like them.

Citing only the host, such as Pinterest, isn’t sufficient. This my own personal pet-peeve, but it seemed to me like alot of the half-breeds parents got together, had a baby, and then seperated and abandoned the child to one of the parent races. This book really is original, providing some unique half-breed races, along with bastardds rules for creating you own halfbreeds, either as races or templates.

I’ll make a bloodliines change and then look over the stat bonuses for the other races. One of the reasons that I love half-breeds is that the idea that two unlike races can fall in love and marry and have a half-breed child is interesting and has great story and roleplaying oppurotunity. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Races of Renown Paperback: Mercenaries d20 Fantasy Roleplaying. The feats and items sections are interesting as well, providing rules for making new race-specific items along with a few new examples, and feats that take advantage of the mixed heritage of the book’s races.


So that it can be browsed and searched easily, flair your post and give it a title that clearly indicates what users will find when they open it. As a side note, the book is gorgeous and each half breed is lovingly illustrated in a nice, sketchy style. One of my players begged for blooelines to “magically change” his half-elf into a Decataur, they loved it.

I say tentatively, though, since I bet you have a much better overview of how the different races compare!

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Thats a good idea, thanks for the suggestion: This book is hit heavily by level adjustment, which makes most of the interesting races nigh unplayable simply because they have level adjustments in the stratosphere, including some races that really didn’t deserve to be as high as they received.

It might just be my Chrome, but it does not behave nice right now. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

The results are always interesting I have a player who now wants to play a woodwosebut perhaps a trifle repetitive. Art citations must include the name of the original artist or current copyright holder e. This subreddit aims to be a repository of homebrew. Bastards and Bloodlines still has some or the more “normalish” half-breeds, too, though.


D&D 3.5 bastards and bloodline

Learn more about Amazon Prime. But you’re right, if any of these races ought to get a bonus to Charisma, it should be the Houri. Don’t use link shorteners! Vampire the Requiem bstards Bloodline – Tzimisce. The Requiem – Bloodline – Daughters of Cacophony. All in all, a great book, and if your even remotely interested in half-breeds, this is your book- buy it now!

The info on half-breeds in society is helpful. There’s only one real flaw with this book, and that’s a definite trend towards a lot of nature-focused half-breeds, combining various fey creatures with various woods-friendly humanoids. See all 5 reviews. bastares

D&D bastards and bloodline – [PDF Document]

I’ll put burrowers in the next iteration, along with a couple other things I come up with. Thank you for your bloodlknes We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Hi guys, so I’ve been spending a lot of my down time working on this homebrew. Thanks for your support:

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