: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the “World’s Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN. Continuing from Batman: Knightquest: The Crusade Vol. Part of a massive 25th anniversary recut of the entire Batman: Knightfall saga, this graphic novel. Knightquest: The Crusade Chapter 1. Story by Chuck Dixon. Art by Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna. There’s a new Batman in Gotham City and the criminal.

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Along with Robin and Nightwing, he tracks Valley down to Selkirk’s penthouse.

Batman: Knightfall – Wikipedia

This edition includes “KnightsEnd” and “Prodigal”, which were included in the edition Batman: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Azraelwho becomes increasingly violent and unstable, tarnishing Batman’s reputation.

Justice League Task Force [note 5] Batman: He does not return to Gotham until a while later, when Dick Grayson persuades him to do so in later knightqeust. The Search” and the other on the new Batman “Knightquest: This is a very rare mention of a character from another company in a non-intercompany capacity, made possible by the insanity of Jean-Paul.

The stories were not treated as crossovers and the Batman titles continued as they had before “Knightfall” where the creative teams each pursued its own storyline. Jean-Paul is shown to be a different, but not dangerous, Batman until an encounter with the Scarecrow, which results in Jean-Paul being infected by Scarecrow’s fear gas and “The System”—his programming as Azrael—taking over, in order to combat Jean-Paul’s fear.


Meanwhile, Robin finds it difficult to work with Jean-Paul, due to the man’s violent subconscious training and lack of social skills, and also finds himself being shut out from working alongside Batman. Also by Chuck Dixon. The series ended after issues, with Valley’s apparent death.


Showcase ’93 7 These visions tell Jean-Paul kbightquest avenge his father’s death, and Jean-Paul searches Gotham for his father’s killer. It was adapted, produced and directed by Dirk Maggswith music composed by Mark Russellwho had recently made Superman: During the breakout at Arkham Asylum, Batman and Robin both wear a black arm band with the S-shield engraved on it.

When they eventually all meet, mass fighting and gunfire ensue. The saga also shows how Batman makes changes to his life as Knighfquest Wayne, his relationships with his “family”, plans to live without Alfred, and copes with the decision of making Jean-Paul his replacement.

Batman Knightquest The Crusade Vol. 1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tim Drake argues with Bruce to allow Dick Grayson the former Robin and then-current Nightwing to become Batman, as he is more experienced and mentally competent.

Shadow of the Bat 32 3: Additionally, The Crusade served as a launching point for the first ongoing monthly series featuring Robin in solo adventures. Judgment on Gotham Batman-Spawn: His questionable behavior climaxes when he encounters the serial killer Abattoirwho is keeping an innocent prisoner in a secret torture chamber: The intent of Knightfall’ s writers was to counter the then-popular style of violent heroes in comics and demonstrate that the traditional Batman made for a better hero.

Shadow of the Bat 33 7: He restrains Azrael and injects him with Venom, with the plan of using him as a super soldier to take over Santa Prisca.

Detective Comics 4: Quick action by Robin and Alfred spares Batman’s life, but at great ,nightquest – he is left a paraplegic.

The battle climaxes with her refocusing her energy to defeat Asp; as a side effect of the energy, Bruce’s broken spine becomes healed. Azrael, has assumed the role of the Caped Crusader, but without Bruce’s integrity as a calming knightauest, Jean-Paul is swiftly getting out of hand, alienating both Robin and Commissioner Gordon.


Detective Comics 3: It’s the quick fall into despair that proves most shocking. Dorling Kindersleypp.

Shadow of the Bat 25 Batman Batman: Batman Annual 22 featured the return of Arnold Etchison Abbatoir ‘s spirit, wishing to take revenge on Batman specifically, Azrael-Batman for his death. Nothing was truncated, as the Batman editorial line made use of all of the Batman-related titles at their disposal, such as CatwomanRobin and Batman: They arrive just as the massive earthquake occurs. Cover to Detective Comics Because of the events of the entire knightquesy, considerable time passes before Commissioner Gordon restores his trust in the idea of a Batman working for good.

Detective Comics Azrael’s demise occurred at the same time as the Batman: Over the next few issues, Batman becomes weaker and weaker as each criminal is put away. Knightfall for 25th Anniversary -Bleeding Cool.

Batman: Knightquest: The Search

Selkirk already wants to kill Jean-Paul for destroying a knighhtquest weapons cache in Gotham Harbor. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Comics infobox image less alt text Story arc pop Duration without hAudio microformat Articles with hAudio microformats.

Much like with the editions, the 25th Anniversary editions are also being released digitally. Shadow of the Bat to avoid giving away their plans, the publishers treated it as though it were the new status quo, so issues were not numbered as chapters.

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