The grand Hampi was reduced to a wasteland. Even today, it is known by the tragic Kannada moniker, Haalu Hampi (Ruined Hampi). And this. The Battle of Talikota (or Tellikota) (January 26, ) constituted a watershed battle fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the Deccan. The Battle of Talikota is one of the most important battles in South Asia’s long history.

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Tirumala and Venkatadri slipped into the palace and took whatever they could before the Muslims came and killed them too. Fifth, in spite of all those od, historians agree that the betrayal by two key Vijayanagara commanders, the Gilani brothers, who had thousands of soldiers under their command, stood as the biggest reason for the defeat.

They looted, plundered and destroyed the city. Along with his Muslim troops he ransacked the temple and laid waste to it. He made Penukonda his capital and started heavily fortifying it to prepare for a major defensive war. Talikota situates in northern Karnatakatalikkta 80 km to the southeast bathle the city of Bijapur. He was taken prisoner and was produced before Adil shah. The battle seems to have been decided by the Muslim artillery and the capture and execution of the ruling Hindu minister Rama Raya.

They fled along with their family members.

The younger brother of Aliya Rama Raya, also called Tirumala became regent through local support. They were dumb-struck that they were being attacked from behind.

Tirumala, brother of Rama Raya, then seized control of the empire and founded the Aravidu dynasty, which established…. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Rama Raya had ordered his soldiers to capture Qutb shah and Adil shah and behead Nizam shah. They met at Talikota situated on the alluvial banks of the Krishna River, in present day Karnataka state, between the two villages Rakkasa and Tangadi.


The Muslim calvary, and younger leaders, proved superior to the Vijayanagar foot soldier-based army with elderly generals. He was faced by Nizam Shah’s division.

Battle of Talikota (1565 AD)

Imad Shah of Berar suffered massively battlf his kingdom soon ended within a few years of Talikota. The battle represented one of the few times in medieval Indian history that factions employed a joint strategy. The Hindu army inflicted defeat on the Muslims and the Sultans fled in disarray losing thousands of men in the encounter. Some minor Hindu kingdoms who held grudges against the Vijayanagara Empire aided the sultanates.

Fourth, the Sultanate armies had a much better prepared artillery division manned by gunners from Turkestan, at that time considered the best at artillery warfare, while Vijayanagara depended on less well trained European mercenaries.

But the Sultan in brushed him aside and took Vijayanagar and then marched on Battle.

Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. Suddenly there was confusion in the ranks of the Hindu troops. Venkata II followed this up with a strike on Udayagiri and liberated it from the stranglehold of the Muslim troops. Even after Muslim sultanates defeated the armies of the Vijayanagara empire in the s C.

Qutb Shah took advantage of this and in late captured Kondavidu firmly and died in Golconda shortly after that.

The battle spelled the death knell for the large Hindu kingdoms in Indiaending the last great southern empire in India. Sriranga I sent reinforcements to tear apart the disarrayed Muslim ranks and they retreated. Chennappa sent a message to him appeal to his duty to the Dharma against the Mlecchas and Turushkas.

The Venkata II waited till just before monsoon and launched a strong artillery barrage on the Muslim army. But Sriranga I kept the fight on and repulsed the Muslim army from Udayagiri after an initial retreat. Third, baytle the Vijayanagara infantry depended on bows made of bamboothe Sultanate armies used crossbows made of metal, which proved more accurate, gave greater distance, and, ultimatley, more lethal.

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He attacked Portuguese horse traders and seized horses from them to raise a tali,ota. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:. Venkata II quickly vattle for their charge and prepared an ambush for them between Gandikota and the Penner River.

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Chennappa immediately struck with great vigor. Second, all of the three main commanders of the Vijayanagara army, including Aliya Rama Raya, had been elderly, whereas the Sultanate armies had younger commanders. Vijayanagar; A Contribution to the History of India”.

Battle of Talikota – Wikipedia

A victorious army, along with hordes of robbers and jungle dwellers, fell upon the great city, looting, robbing, murdering, and pillaging the residents. Then another Adil Shahi general Randhula Khan finally overcame the Hindu resistance, and with help from some Hindu traitors took Bangalore in Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah Wali. The Hindus fell upon the Muslim army and soundly trashed it. Battle of Talikotaconfrontation in the Deccan region of southern India between the batt,e of the Hindu raja of Vijayanagar and the four allied Muslim sultans of BijapurBidarAhmadnagarand Golconda.

This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. Retrieved from ” https: Pedda Tirumala entered into negotiations with the Sultan and directed the invader against his uncle Tirumala, whom he feared. Although outnumbering the Muslim armyto ot, the Vijayanagar empire fell in a short, intense battle.

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