This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser AD (“Battlecruiser A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser AD version , the final. This is the final version of “Battlecruiser AD” (BC3K, sometimes To quote the v 3rd edition manual: “Nothing you do affects the grand scheme of things. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development . I pay for the cost of goods, including the boxes and manuals.”.

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Look at Tactical–Launch and browse through the first four craft on the list Int-1, Int-2, etc. In this case, it will appear in red, and Flight Engineers will not start to ready it. And then some players enjoy it. All it does is help expose what lies under that impenetrability. Manua, powers the cloaking system.

Battlecruiser Millennium – IGN

Enhanced Nav Module 6. Press Y yes to dock the ship, N no to keep the ship tractored.

When selling, look for a destination where AD items are not the speciality, and ideally inflation is slightly higher, thus creating significant price difference and profit. Use from ship in planetary atmosphere to attack ground target.

Battlecruiser Millennium

Change the order to Strike. How do I get back inside the CC? Third, buy up all the expensive items that you can at GalcomHQ. As these tutorials are hopefully demonstrating, a couple of empty, flight-worthy shuttles can be useful assets.


Load up and launch for Starpath, Mars. Every item of cargo has a base price. Millejium will jump between jump points in the region. Point your ship towards the target so that the target is within the circle in the centre of the display. These two factors vary by station.

If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you in 5i. At an altitude of aroundyou will automatically return to space. There is no experience for damage, only kills. It used batglecruiser just freeze up constantly.

This FAQ draws on material posted on usenet primarily comp. Posted June 8, Okay, we made that last one up, but battlecruiaer get the picture; the possibilities milleniun BCM are seemingly endless.

Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d millenijm. There are two non-AD stations in Sol: No more than two Flight Engineers can ready one interceptor; two typically take minutes. Made by AD, Inc. Once in a region they will patrol, sending back real-time information, including a message each time a ship enters or leaves the region unless you opt for Silent mode, which can be set from the NID or Tacops probe menu. I have also converted the appendix into PDF as well.

Buy some more if needed. That’s where the beauty of BCM ‘s gameplay lies: Easiest way is order the ship to set course for a particular “landmark”, such as station, moon, comet, planet, jump point, and so on.


Yellow means “normal, maybe a little tired”. Any pod left floating around in space may millenuim salvaged, regardless of previous owner.

Battlecruiser 3000 AD – Walkthrough

However, the time delay due to repairs is also commonly used to help crews gain experience from being on-station without you having to play those hours yourself. For example, only one ‘scanner’, Tacscan or NID is shown at a time.

But BC3K is still in dire need of a guide to play, to complement those manuaal instructions. According to Derek Smart, “missiles lose their effectiveness with range”. Don’t have milllenium account? After the ship is disabled, tractor it must be range less than 1 kmand tow it to a base, then dock to the base. Select Observe and then select one of the surface zones shown by red squares. It is widely acknowledged that the game was incomplete, untested, and effectively unplayable out of the box.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Some have questioned my insanity, but… BC3K is a fascinating bit of software.

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