Christopher Rowley’s novels about the dragon Bazil Broketail Bazil Broketail ( Bazil Broketail, #1), A Sword for a Dragon (Bazil Broketail, #2), Dragons o. Bazil Broketail [Christopher Rowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aided by a hideous new terror of unbelievable cruelty known only as. This is the rebranded title of the book Bazil Broketail by the same author. It was a favorite of mine when I was younger, and I looked forward to seeing it in digital.

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Unquestionably one of my favorite fantasy series that deals with dragons.

Cavalry roles are still filled by horses, who grow uneasy around the scent of dragon, causing a strong rivalry between the dragon and cavalry branches. Aug 03, Leif rated it it was amazing Shelves: Vance’s “dragons” are actually mutated forms of the alien race known as the “Basics” to the human characters in that story. Brokehail works, although not perfectly, and Bazil’s tail is restored enough for him to win admission to the Legions.

Unfortunately this contravenes the Law of the Thymnal which does not allow for other magic to be performed within its own sphere of influence. This book is probably only for high fantasy readers, but if that’s your genre, it deserves your time and attention. The humans breed the Basics into “dragons” while the Basics breed humans into a variety of troopers and mounts. These dragons are not mythical creatures, nor are they simply pets or mounts.

There is a helpless princess in need of saving, and though this is what motivates the characters into action, it is only of secondary importance to the reader, who will find themselves much more interested in the fates of the rescuers.


A moment later, there was a tremendous crashing of vegetaion and a second brokwtail beast emerged behind the first.

Bazil Broketail (Bazil Broketail, #1) by Christopher Rowley

Apr 15, Gretchen rated it really liked it. Kills me that the books are so hard to find now. Bbazil using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bazil Broketail Bazil, still with his tail in one piece, arrives in the white city of Marneri with Relkin. Jun 06, Meryl added it. Leatherback, Hard Green, Gristle, and Brasshide.

Bazil Broketail

Aug 04, Paul Matthis rated it really liked it. A Sword for a Dragon. The Legions include infantry, cavalry and dragon squadrons, which are essential in battle with the hordes of the enemy, which always include troll.

City of Sorcery But Relkin is abducted by Slavers and taken south to be sold. The Dragons of the Argonath Series. Danielle Hayes rated it really liked it Feb 19, Relkin has been trying to get his hands on a dragon stamp so Bazil could join the army. Aug 08, Pennyjen rated it it was amazing. That tail was coming again, Bazil flung himself low and felt a wind pass over him as eight feet of bony tail swept through the air with a huge droning sound.

Oct 30, Chris Matthys rated it it was amazing. While in the Legions they are fed well, albeit on basic foodstuffs such basil noodles, stirabout, oatmeal, and bread. Unfortunately in an early trial combat Bazil’s tail is ruined.

Ray rated it really liked it Shelves: I picked up this series expecting based on the woefully inaccurate cover art a fantastic farce: The city of Marneri gives no thanks for the century-old protection of the Great Spell this year.

  IRR LGC 1991 PDF

The book found a home at Roc, part of Penguin in the US. The only clue as to their appearance is that they are “hard and angular”.

I kinda skimmed through the ending because I was short on time. Sprague de Camp hroketail in the sixties. I really liked this book.

Bazil Broketail Series

With the aid of great sorcery by the two greatwitches Lessis and Ribela, they manage to get ahead of the enemy’s thrust toward Marneri. The Witches of the Cunfshon Isles have fought ever since to defeat the Masters.

They are the perfect mixture of strength and speed, and are of a medium intelligence. It’s been over a decade since I last read it, though, so I think it’s time to see if it lives up to my memories.

This is one of the first books I remember buying with my own money. In fact, bazul people of the Argonath worship the Great Mother, their omnipotent Goddess. The enemy employs different types of creatures that make up their vast armies. And while he struggles to free himself by developing his own limited powers of magic, his friend Bazil oreoares a bold assault on Michaz itself that could get them both killed

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