to set up the software for your use. This guide shows a workflow that uses application settings. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for the BD LSR II. Compensation Controls in the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual. • Default templates are now provided for certain instrument functions. If you are the first user of the day: Boot up the computer and log on to Windows. Wait 10 seconds, then Open the BD FACSDiva software and log on. Allow the.

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These settings are not downloaded when you apply the refference. The gate boundary is thicker to indicate that it is a snap-to gate. Note To obtain a user account, contact More information.

When the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the border. We cannot be held liable More information.

Basics Learning Guide Word Sftware Copying Worksheet Elements on page The first object associated with the tube is displayed at the top of the Worksheet window.

Creating and Working with Experiments We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information.

For example, the Inspector can be used to change plot attributes like the background color, title, axes labels, and scale, or to enter the name of an experiment, specimen, or tube.

Use, duplication, or disclosure More information. Workstation requirements are subject to change.


If an experiment is open and the current tube pointer is set, the window displays cytometer settings for the current acquisition tube and laser controls. Using the Ratio Tab Ratios are most commonly used for calcium flux experiments.

Getting Started with BD FACSDiva Software – PDF

By default, this preference is not selected. A minimum of two objects must be selected for the buttons to be active. Manjal for Data Analysis Using the Worksheet Inspector Use the Worksheet Inspector to name a worksheet or global worksheet, increase the number of pages in the worksheet, and hide or show page breaks and page numbers.

Maintaining the Database Now that you have finished these tutorials, save space in your database by either archiving or deleting the experiments in your Practice folder. Cy dyes are subject to proprietary rights of Amersham Biosciences Corp. Danger This alerts you to things that may cause. The computer is left on at all times. For optimal performance and full analysis capability, we recommend that you purchase a workstation that has been validated by BD Biosciences.

About Unified Communication System.

BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual |

To drag and drop Browser elements: Objects that straddle a page break are split between two mxnual sheets. Click the New Specimen icon. Users with administrative access can view all experiments in the database. Quadrant Gate button—divides a plot into four quadrant gates.

BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual

For more information, see Making Experiments Private or Shared on page We recommend providing this information so it can be used as keywords and used in the User Tracking Log file.


Label-specific controls and analysis objects are created automatically. For Audit System Use Decrease Plot Size to return the plot to its original size. If there is a gated unstained population in the Unstained Control tube and a gated unstained population in the Stained Control tube, the population in the Stained Control tube will be used in the calculation. Do not run your flow cytometer until VxWorks has bf installed successfully.

Enter any value from 10—, events. For this section, you will need both the Simple Analysis and Manual Comp experiments from the previous section. View or record refeeence data by deselecting the Enable Compensation checkbox. The software applications and components areas are as follows: Log-density contours begin at the innermost contour using the peak height percentage you entered, and continue until they reach a threshold value of 1.

For more information, see Template Preferences on page Getting Connected More information.

See the BD Biosciences website: To use a different configuration, select the configuration name and click Set.

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