Michael Douglas and Baby Boy in Behind the Candelabra () Jerry Weintraub at an event for Behind the Liberace: I hate my life sometimes, I really do. Behind the Candelabra has ratings and reviews. writing style is that of the co-author) mindlessly goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace. Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, the film is adapted from “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” by Scott Thorson with Alex.

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Was Liberace into golden showers?

Behind the Candelabra

Replaces glamour with reality. In the early years Bejind glazes over Liberace’s narcissism, controlling behavior and love of pornography, but towards the end of the relationships those flaws become begind to ignore despite Thorson’s own serious flaws. The piano is normally played while engaging the pedals to enrich the music produced, so ignoring the pedals is something a pianist would not do. I was suddenly stranded in an arid wasteland of beige and a dull off white.

I was so intrigued that I went out and got the book, even hough I know little to nothing about the legacy of “Mr.

It is oife fascinating look into the life of Liberace. Feb 27, Donna rated it really liked it. Even with such bizarre events the book is written at a snails-pace because, like Liberace, Thorson doesn’t really want to reveal anything beyond the surface. Trivia About Behind the Candel Lee arranges Scott’s plastic surgery without wlth Scott if he’s willing to do it. Craziest thing was the “Afterword”.


Behind the Candelabra and Omar”. Just reading about Scott’s friendship with Michael Jackson and the completely crazy afterward made this worth reading.

Retrieved June 23, Then I worried it was no longer in print, after a quick check on Amazon I had a “praise Jaysus! Full list of winners”.

Behind the Candelabra – Wikiquote

Mainly a serious drug habit that he seems to battle throughout the rest of his life. Retrieved July 30, But now I’m ready for some gold leaf and velvet flocked opulence, HBO.

Liberace invites the two backstage and then to his luxurious home in Las Vegas. Want to Read saving…. This wasn’t the best written book, the writing style reminded me of reading a biographical essay assignment from an eleventh grader who discovered a thesaurus.

In the mood for someting trashy, I listened to the book on CD. Official site Official site [Japan]. Although the tid bits about growing up in in foster care, going into witness protection, finding religion, surviving a mob hit and countless drug relapses, in addition to dating a celebrity, promises a good read should Thorson ever write a Knowing that the audience is reading the story for Liberace, Thorson only includes small inserts about himself before he met Liberace, his life after their break up and after Li’s death.

I usually don’t read biographies or autobiographies because there’s no one else’s life I’m THAT interested in reading about. But in my opinion Thorson is for the most part quite complimentary toward Liberace.

How about a Cleveland steamer, dirty sanchez, a rusty trombone or a pearl necklace. May 21, Joe rated it liked it. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading about the downside of fame and fortune as well as how little we really know about those whom we put on a pedestal simply because they entertain us.


Retrieved May 26, What substance is being inhaled by Liberace during his love scene with Scott at the minute mark? Scott Thorson Scott Bakula Thorson comes off badly in this section. And it was a very high price–his life. It’s been a sad and messed up one.

Too bad there weren’t more specifics to really turn this into something worth reading. I could not put this down.

Interestingly enough, that made me want to read the book, so I When I was growing up, there were two men on television I behimd totally repugnant. Nightwatch Criminal Bad writing about the life of a lost soul manipulated by the decadent, liiberace entertainer.

He has a great gift and many people were able to hear it. After treating the dog, Thorson becomes Liberace’s “assistant” at the performer’s request. It was an interesting book, but I’m a sucker for show-biz stories. Even though the book was written back init still seems fresh. Retrieved from ” https:

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