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Turn the projector off and contact qualified service personnel for further help. Copyright Copyright by BenQ Corporation.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ MP DLP projector

Seek help from the local BenQ service center to decode the number. If you wish to make use the projector mixed mono speaker, take a suitable audio cable and connect one end of the cable to the audio output sockets of the video device, and the other end to the AUDIO IN socket of the projector. Do not block the ventilation holes. Page of 68 Mp770. Resolution Color System Lamp Timer Note that the menu items are available when the projector detects at least msnual valid signal.

BenQ Mainstream MP770 User Manual

My Window Media Player program works great on my computer, but the movie window is dark on my projector, while the Media Player tools display Cause The computer external display is set as a secondary display. Unavailable adjustments are not shown on the screen.

Sets whether m;770 projector searches automatically for input signals. For your convenience If looking through the BenQ MP user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Contact your dealer if other parts need replacing.


Password Off Limits use of the projector to only those who know the correct password. The bwnq to print the manual has also genq provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual.

The internal temperature is too high. Bnq more information, refer to “Wireless connection optional ” If the power outlet has a switch, make sure that it is switched on. Adjust the projection angle. That means you have 11 minutes to get the re-attachment done from the time the first warning message was displayed. Introduction The projector offers the following features. Page 6 Safety Instructions Continued The lamp becomes extremely hot during operation.

Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment. If you touch the optical components inside, it could cause color unevenness and distortion of the projected images.

BenQ MP770 user manual

If the projector is still hot from previous activity, it will run the cooling fan for approximately 90 seconds before energizing the lamp. If the projector does become wet, disconnect it from the power supply’s wall socket and call BenQ to have the projector serviced. Page 8 Liquids spilled into the projector may cause it to fail.

If you try to re-start the projector, it will shutdown again.

If the projector is mnual placed nanual a flat surface or the screen and the projector are not perpendicular to each other, the projected image becomes trapezoidal. Page 36 Continue pressing the same button or press the other buttons until you are satisfied with the shape. To protect the lamp, the projector will not respond to any commands during the cooling process. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.


When the Temperature warning light is on, it is warning you manuall the following possible problems: To correct the image’s shape, you can perform the following steps. Enter text from picture: The wireless module is available through BenQ retailers.

To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always turn the projector off and disconnect the power manul before changing the lamp. Remote control effective range Infra-Red IR remote control sensors are located on the front and the back of the projector.

The projector offers the following features. If necessary Rotate the focus ring to adjust the image clearness.

If there is no equipment connected to the projector or no signal detected, limited menu items are accessible. There are many different shades that are considered to be “white” for various purposes.

Troubleshooting Remedy Plug the power cord into the AC inlet on the projector, and plug the power cord into the power outlet.

Maintenance Care of the projector Your projector needs janual maintenance. Temperature Information When the Temperature warning light is on, it is warning you of the following possible problems: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 54 A warning message like the one pictured to the right will be displayed for 10 seconds every hours of use to remind you to clean the filter.

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