Abstract/Citation: The Act amends the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act, (Act No. XXXVI of ) with respect to. BEPZA Act which eventually instituted the formation of Bangladesh Export Processing. Zones Authority (BEPZA), the government organ. investment, and investment under BOI, investment under BEPZA, FDI and investment . Under, the BEPZA Act. , EPZs are provided infrastructural facilities.

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Once the technology transfer agreements falling within the above limits are signed, these are required to be furnished to BOI for registration.

Minimum 70 per cent export oriented industries in developed areas: Opening up of new sectors of investment have provided an excellent opportunity to prospective investors. Duties and taxes on import of goods which are produced locally will be higher than those applicable to import of raw materials for producing such goods. Remittance of dividends on such shares 11980 the non-resident investors.

Facilities such as special bonded beepza against back-to-back letters of credit or notional import duty and non payment of Value Added Tax VAT facilities are available as per SRO of the government. Ensue full implementation of E-governance in all EPZs. Special incentives are provided to encourage non-resident Bangladeshis for investment in the country.

If feel need my working ability and implementing policies for coming planning. Presently there are as many as eight operational EPZs and two proposed EPZs in different locations of the country contributing to the overall economic development process of Bangladesh bezpa promotion of export and Adt, generation of employment, transfer of technology, and development of forward and backward linkage industries and so on. I of Act No.

Achieve organizational excellence by developing online capabilities and automation to ensure quality and expeditious delivery of services to the investors. Vibrant economic activities 180 EPZs are inducing domestic economy through expansion of tertiary businesses, increased domestic consumption, outsourcing of goods and services from tariff area.


III of Act No.

The eligibility of tax holiday is to be determined by the NBR. Negotiations are going on with U. Items included in the banned list cannot be imported unless otherwise specified.

Bangladesh National Day Supplement: An Attractive Investment Destination | Arab News

The public sector project is processed by the concerned ministry for approval of the Planning Commission. IX of to A. The Government shall accord fair and equitable treatment to foreign private investment which shall enjoy full protection and security in Bangladesh. For expatriate employment the guide-lines followed are:. Apart from export earning objectives, employment pattern shows that EPZs have been making significant contribution to the gradual empowerment of women which supports the objective of Millennium Development Goal MDG.

Compliance: BEPZA Act –

Additional import duty 2. VI of Act No. Vepza sector industrial enterprises desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply in advance in the prescribed form of BOI. In this connection procedure followed by BOI is as under:. Establishment of the Authority.

Guide to Invstment in Bangladesh Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980

Remittance of dividend on portfolio investment by non-residents through stock exchanges in Bangladesh. VIII of E. XLV of to E. Tax holiday is allowed to industries for the following periods according to the location of bepzs establishment:. However, import duty 7.

A copy of at foreign loan agreement signed by both parties should be submitted to BOI for registration. The role of the government has been changed from regulatory to promotional.

With a view to ensuring backward linkage, export-oriented industries including export-oriented ready-made garment industries using indigenous raw materials instead of imported one are given additional facilities and benefits at prescribed rates.

Distribution of property after death, if there is no Will. Adequate compensation for the purpose of sub-section 11980 shall be an amount equivalent to the market value of investment expropriated or nationalised immediately before the expropriation or nationalisation. After a first hand scrutiny of the information, BOI issues registration letter. Types of industries to be set up in a zone, etc. Other industries outside developed areas: Export oriented industries are exempted from paying local taxes such as municipal taxes.


For granting export performance benefit, the list of export products and the rate of Export Performance Benefit XPB is reviewed from time to time. No permission is required for import of free list items.

The year of Saudi Women. Tax holiday facility can be availed by industries set up in Bangladesh within June 30, A.

To avail of facilities and the institutional support services provided by the govt. XV of to Ordinance No. Tax exemption on royalties, technical know — how fees received by any foreign collaborator, firm, company and expert.

Tax exemption on income of the private sector power generation company for 15 years from the date of commercial production. WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the establishment of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority for creation, development, operation, management and control of export processing zones and for matters connected therewith; It is hereby enacted as follows: Remittance of profits to their head offices by foreign firms and companies operating in Bangladesh.

Objects of the Authority. New zones in strategically located places with state of art industrial facilities and pro-investment institutional framework providing the right kind of environment to grow.

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